Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

BADALGAMA, Sri Lanka — The head of Sri Lanka’s Presidential Task Force on Economic Revival and Poverty Alleviation recently praised Global Rubber Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (GRI) during a plant tour for “contributing toward the economic prosperity of Sri Lanka.”

GRI’s factory in Badalgam is the largest in Sri Lanka to produce specialty tires and the first to produce radial agriculture tires.

“GRI is one of the key players in developing and producing high-grade specialty tires for the global market, using Sri Lankan natural rubber, and adding significant value to this raw material,” Basil Rajapaksa said.

GRI has opened several natural rubber collection centers around the island as part of its GREEN-X Circle initiative, enabling rural farmers to “earn fair value for their work and (for) GRI to take great care of the farming communities in our wider ecosystem,” GRI CEO Mahesha Ranasoma said.

“We aim to unite farmers by underscoring the fact that farmers connect the world we live today.”

GRI produces radial and bias-ply agriculture tires and construction tires and solid materials-handling solid tires. The company has offices in nine countries, with sales in over 50 countries.

“We are encouraged by the Sri Lanka government’s thoughtful leadership, vision and clear direction to drive the nation towards prosperity through balanced social and economic development,” GRI Managing Director Prabhash Subasinghe said.

“Specialty tires are a high value-added export. We are relentlessly striving forward to do our part and support the government in every way possible.”


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