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The instant requirement for a Building Code for Sri Lanka
Posted on September 30th, 2020

The current regrettable occurrence where 3 lives were lost due to a building collapse in Kandy triggered me to compose this article.About 6 months back

there was a ‘Concern Time Satisfying’ of a skilled association allied to constructing construction market kept in Wijerama Mawatha in Colombo 7. The subject of that specific conference was the building of Shangrila Hotel Building. It existed very well by among the engineers accountable for the management aspect of the project.At completion of

the conversation, I put the issue regarding which code of practice the building was produced. There was no doubt regarding whether the project has actually been developed well and what I needed to know was which code has actually been made use of for the job. The speaker alerted that a Hong Kong based consultancy had actually done the structural style, and with regard to the code he specified it has in fact been established according to BS 8110 (British Standard No. 8110). I then asked why we stick to an old code even Britain has actually superseded, here in Sri lanka, there was no response. It is not simply the Structural Style Code (such as the Eurocode or the British code gone over above) that is vital for such a job but other elements such as Drainage, Sewage, Roads, the elements with regard to soil examinations etc are all included in a file called ‘Structure guidelines’ and made into law by every responsible federal government worldwide. So I asked the issue whether there is such a document existing in Sri Lanka. After a lapse of couple of minutes one lady got up and specified that such a file is being prepared.For such a file

to be prepared there is a need to put in the info of other codes as well and it is not possible to have it as there are no codes for any of the aspects explained above existing in our country as at now, as far as I comprehend. Those foreign experts that get the projects for different tasks do the style utilizing whatever the requirements they can get hold of and get the structure approval probably by various ways much like when it comes to the collapsed structure in Kandy.So, my appeal to the political authority is to get the mess with respect to authority approval of structures determined and stream lined by having actually various codes prepared as rapidly as possible and fall in line with other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong etc in the area without further hold-up. I have actually observed from some CCTV video footage that some of the road accidents that happen in our nation are because of not sticking to the design principals in roadway expanding etc.This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020. You can follow any actions to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can avoid to the end and leave an action. Source

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