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Qatar Airways honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month in an unique method today. The Doha-based airline company had an all-female team operate an unique flight over Qatar.According to the airline business, the flight had female pilots, cabin team, ATC controllers, engineers, dispatchers, and tourists.

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< img src=",%20,%20,%20" alt ="" width =" 1200" height=" 675"/ > < img src =",%20,%20,%20 "alt="" width=" 1200 "height=" 675"/ > The pilots & cabin crew of QR9901 Over the course of 63 minutes, flight QR9901″ drew” a ribbon in the sky over Qatar. The flight was operated by a Boeing 787-8 with the registration code A7-BCM, which was very first delivered to the airline company in February 2014.

Qatar Airways is far from the first airline to “draw” something in the sky with its flight course, as we saw EL AL draw a 747 in the sky for its last 747 flight, Qantas draw a kangaroo in the sky for its last 747 flight, Virgin Atlantic draw a heart in the sky for Valentine’s Day, and more.When we see

airline company companies do this, there’s not surprisingly some controversy about whether this is responsible for airline companies to do, thought about that it’s challenging to argue that this isn’t a waste of fuel.The simply exception would be if there was some other factor for this flight to run, whether it was for team training, since an aircraft simply ended up maintenance, or something else? Nevertheless it seems like that may not have been the case since there were tourists aboard?Regardless, I sure do discover it to be a cute idea for a worthy cause.More from One Mile at a Time

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