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The International Cricket Council (ICC) have confirmed that the finalists for the ICC World Test Championships will be decided on the basis of percentage of points earned.

India vs Australia 2020

The ICC have introduced a new points system for the World Test Championship and that has put Australia on top and India is now in second. , Twitter

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The ICC World Test Championships has now gotten a new, altered points system after the International Cricket Council confirmed the development. The main reason for putting up a new points system was because of majority of the series that have been impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The suggestions was done by the cricket committee which is headed by former India captain and spinner Anil Kumble and has gotten approval from the ICC Board. This new development is interesting as it has put Australia on top of the ICC World Test Championship table while India are in second. The upcoming four-Test series could be a preview of the ICC World Test Championship final that is slated to take place in June 2021 in Lord’s.

What is the new points system and why is Australia now on top of India in the ICC World Test Championships? Here are some of the answers to the questions.

What is the new altered points system in the ICC World Test Championship?

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This new altered points system suggests a team’s points earned will be calculated as a percentage of the points that were up for grabs. The maximum a team can score is 720 points.

Why is this new system in place now?

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Many cricketing series have been postponed or suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. The old system could have been ‘unfair’ on other teams and this is a method by the ICC for every team to get a fair chance.

How does it work?

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Let us consider for example the number of points accumulated by India and Australia so far in the World Test Championships. India have accumulated 360 points out of the 480 that they have played in four Test series. Australia have 296 points from 360 total points contested in three Test series they have played in. So, the percentage is calculated by total points divided by points contested into 100.

How does it alter the points table?

According to the new points system, this puts Australia on top. With 296 out of 360 points, their percentage of points goes to 82.2 while that of India falls to 75 percent. This upcoming four-Test series will now assume massive importance as a series loss for India could push them out of the top two.

How does it impact all the teams?

The points table, in reality, might not be impacted much. Out of all the teams, only England and New Zealand have a realistic chance of making it to the top two in case India and Australia slip up. New Zealand have two series remaining against West Indies and Pakistan while England has a major five-Test series against India scheduled in February. If New Zealand win all their Tests, England manage to overcome India and Australia lose to South Africa, then the ICC World Test Championship could be interesting.

Will the remaining series be completed?

England’s series against Sri Lanka might be squeezed in before June while Sri Lanka’s Test against Bangladesh is still in a limbo. West Indies’ series against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is also uncertain as the coronavirus third wave hits the globe. The ICC have said that they will be determined to finish off every series before the final in June 2021.

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