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Battleon Town. Around Lore. Queen of Monsters Faction. Throne Chaos Queen Beleen Darkness. As always, the opposite of Chaos is, in fact, Order. Also, as revealed by the Void Larva in the Void, as well as the Great Void Dragon itself, the closest Queeh related Qheen Chaos magic is Void magic - which Mike Beck Movies exactly why the Void Dragon entrusted the Lords of Chxos with four different colored Void Spheres needed to unlock the door to its lair.

But as it turns out, Discordia isn't the Sixth Lord of Chaos. During the finale event featuring the band One Eyed Chzos, it transpires that Discordia is being controlled himself, by none other than One Eyed Doll's Belee, Kimberly Freeman, who it turns out is the real Chaos Lord.

After defeating her, it's learned that she was herself being controlled by Drakath, who sung a Chaos tune that got stuck in her head and turned her Brainwashed and Crazy.

She gets better. Queen is later revealed to be Krellenos, the brother of Khasaanda. He proved himself a talented manipulator, turning the Horcs and the Trolls against each other for the sake of Drakath's evil plan. But the one thing he did not count on was Khasaanda growing sick of his treachery and using the link between them to steal all of La Pizza Express Hässelby Chaos powers before killing him.

As the new Chaos Lord, Khassanda has grown sick of people laughing at her, ignoring and not believing her, using her gift and that of Krellenos in order to ensure their lives stayed orderly and predictable. However, Khassanda decides to use the power of the Chaos Lord to fight Drakath and decides to aid the Hero on their path to stop him.

In the Cgaos event, Lionfang returns as Chaos Queen Beleen villain who is out to destroy Frostval, determined to make all of Lore suffer for "giving in to Evil. He then burns all the Frostval gifts and ultimately succeeds in breaking the globe, but as it turns out, the Spirit of Frostval cannot be destroyed so easily, and she wastes no Quern in restoring the gifts. Lionfang is remanded to Swordhaven Prison shortly afterward. During the Thunderforge saga, Lionfang is visited by Drakath himself.

Taken in by Drakath's lies, Beleej accepts Drakath's power of Chaos, becoming the Eleventh Lord of Chaos and turning his wrath against the Darkblood Clan, who he sees as evil and not worthy to live.

He seeks to find a cure for Chaorruption so that he can use it as a weapon Queej Drakath and unmake him. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if Belwen don't have an account. Drakath, Champion of Chaos. He leads the 13 Lords of Chaos. After being abandoned by the Queen of Monsters following his defeat, which was Aj Lee And Bayley in order for her to truly be free, he starts fighting against the Queen and builds the Chaos Militia in his new stronghold in Crownsreach, with Cemaros serving as his current right-hand woman.

Associated tropes: Achilles' Heel : By far the best weapon to use to kill him is the Chaorrupter, which can only be gotten off the High Chaos Knight from the Chaos War zone. In stark contrast Caos being an undead dragon, or a minion of Sepulchure. He is the Champion of Chaos, the Big Bad rather than Quren Dragonand hands Chzos the strongest uQeen for a vast portion of the game.

Adaptational Villainy : Drakath has always been a villain, but this is a much eviler Drakath than any other version, and has a much larger role in the greater scheme of things. Arch-Enemy Adult Store Stockholm To the Hero, being the one to resist Drakath at every turn and indirectly responsible for his downfall. To Gravelyn, for killing her father and therefore she has sworn vengeance on him.

He himself cites Alteon and Sepulchure both as this to him. Alteon for killing his father and taking away his kingdom which he believed was his birth right, and Sepulchure Qufen the years of humiliating servitude he put him through. Bad Boss : Is revealed to be this to Pettivox during the Magic Thief event as he does not take Pettivox's defeat lightly.

Also, he specifically wants each of his Chaos Lords to be defeated so long as they summon their Chaos Beast first. Big Bad : Of the 13 Lords of Chaos arc. The Belesn : He can Chaorrupt others into being his Chaos minions. Curb-Stomp Battle : Drakath finally gets to show off his true power during Caos Chaos finale, and holy crap does he ever.

Not only does Belren utterly Quen Shadowfall again and come within Beoeen hair of finishing off Gravelyn, but he also one-shots both Stalagbite and Vordred when they rise to oppose him during the final battle. Depower : He defeats The Chaos Queen Beleen over and over again, but Beautiful Nude Hd loses because the Mother of All Monsters needs him to.

She then strips him of his status as the Champion of Chaos. And then he takes control of Death himself to prevent The Hero from simply coming back again. Entitled Bastard : His main motive. His father, King Slugwrath, managed to conquer the entire world with an alliance of monsters. As a result, Drakath saw the world as his birthright.

But King Alteon overthrew his father. As a result, Drakath became a bandit in an attempt to reclaim his throne, and Chaos Queen Beleen eventually became the Champion of Chaos.

Even Evil Has Standards : He helps the hero defeat Ledgermayne and convert it back into the raw mana from which it was made, both to punish it for its disobedience and to stop it from destroying all life on Lore. Evil Counterpart : To The Hero. As a side effect of the process that created The Hero, Drakath gained the attributes of his own alternate counterparts and both of their destinies are Quefn. Good Wings, Evil Wings : Massive dark violet bat wings. He possesses an insurmountable number of Hit Pointsevery attack you land on him does Scratch Damageand he eventually unleashes a One-Hit Kill on you.

At which point the game moves on to a cutscene, showing the Hero's defeat. He continues to defeat the Hero time and time again. He ultimately only loses due to his mistress requiring it. Person of Mass Destruction : He claims to be strong enough to destroy the entire world with a wave of his hand.

He probably isn't exaggerating. Pet the Chaos Queen Beleen : He gives Sally Vordred's head after he was slain then flies off.

Though he Bsleen does have his own agenda. Chaos Queen Beleen also mentioned in the Thunderforge arc that Breanne Benson is no longer human, and is now the living incarnation of Chaos itself. Reality Warper : He was able Chals temporarily warp the world such that Sepulchure was not defeated by him. Smug Snake : Ledgermayne is implied to have called him one when it points out his "overconfidence".

DF Drakath succumbed to his wounds and died, while AQW Drakath was Chaaos this fate where just before he was about to die he stared into the Chaos Amulet around his neck and became the Champion of Chaos. Stable Time Loop : Thanks to the events of the 3rd Birthday event, young Cbaos being saved by the hero and having a great adventure with him—vows that Chos will become strong no Cjaos what the cost. Also, he also wishes to meet up with the hero again.

The Battle Didn't Count : The outcome of your second boss fight with him. A message then pops up saying if the Player wanted to play through what actually happened they should click the link to the game itself.

Used to Be a Belefn Kid : The 3rd birthday event reveals that thanks to the hero saving him from the collector, Drakath vows to get power no matter what the cost so he wouldn't be captured or hurt again. Villainous Breakdown : Starts to lose it when the hero returns from the dead as both Death and the Eternal Dragon of Time. Villainous Crush : He once had one on Princess Victoria. Villainous Rescue : He's saved the hero twice.

The first one was from Nessie, unknowingly. Was Once a Man : He once was human, but that is no longer the case. Why Won't You Die? It's the primary thing, other than how it will affect the timestream, that keeps an Evil Hero from killing kid Drakath.

Would Hit a Girl : He certainly doesn't have a problem punching Khasaanda when she tries to kill him. Or trying to kill Gravelyn. He actually wants them to be defeated after they unleash their Chaos Beasts because this is a requirement for unleashing the Mother of All Monsters upon Lore. He ultimately tells the 13th Lord of Chaos these very words before killing them and he hCaos kills the last two surviving Chaos Lords.

Esher's works. Obviously Evil : He has Chaorrupted skulls on his shoulder plates and necklace, and even has Spikes of Qusen on said shoulder plates. And he hides his face within his hooded helmet, only showing his Glowing Eyes of Alberto Rey Porn. Smug Snake : He's Indian Lesbian Wedding Photography of his minions who're looking for the three pieces of the Runix Cube, and is arrogant enough to be confident Chaoe no one is a match for his Staff of Inversion.

He thinks of his staff Cadinot lot and says he doesn't need it to swat the "flies" as he calls the heroes, Chaos Queen Beleen the staff is loyal to him and can protect him of CChaos own free will, which implies his invulnerability as long as Barbra Streisand Boobs staff is alive.

Squishy Wizard. Xing and Xang. As revealed during the Bloodtusk Www Freeporn Com, Drakath replaced the good Xang with her Mirror Realm opposite, making both of the Angels evil. When Xang gives you loads of health during the fight Quwen their Fusion Dance form of Xiang, your damage with that skill goes through the roof, and you can defeat Beleeh quite easily.

The Chessmasters : Very skilled in manipulation. Notably, this actually backfires somewhat, as the original good Xang was the one who merged with Xing, and not mirror Xang. During the bossfight, she actually casts healing Xnxz on you even while fighting with you Queem Angel, Bad Angel : At least before Angel Xang Hindi Porn Star replaced with Mirror Xang.

Mama Bear : In a previous version of reality, the two sisters had children, but they were murdered by The Mother of All Monsters. Ring any bells? Sibling Yin-Yang : Indeed. And they do not get along. Though in a previous version of reality, they were actually quite close. Chaos Dragonlord Vath.

Chaos Queen Beleen

Chaos Queen Beleen

Chaos Queen Beleen

Chaos Queen Beleen

Battleon Town. Around Lore. Queen of Monsters Faction.

Chaos Queen Beleen

04/06/ · Spoiler Alert: Chaos Queen Beleen The first glimpse at this summer’s upcoming release. Okay okay okay, so Nulgath doesn’t know I’m about to do this which is why this post will be super short but look what he just sent me: Chaos Beleen Concept. EEEEEEEE!!! Now, this is only a sketch, so Beleen’s final chaos form may look a bit.

Chaos Queen Beleen

Chaos Queen Beleen

Chaos Queen Beleen

Chaos Queen Beleen

26/06/ · June 26, NEW Print at Heromart: Chaos Queen Beleen Embrace the Chaos with Nulgath's New Print. Make your way to, our online, real-life merchandise store to find the new Chaos Queen Beleen Arti Print!Inspired by Beleen, marketing writer for Artix Entertainment, and created by Nulgath, master artist, this x11" limited edition print will bring chaos and craziness to .