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Spy Sapper

Spy Sapper

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It also features two clamps that are deployed when used. The sole function of the Sapper is to destroy an Engineer 's buildings. Should the player select the weapon and stand near an enemy structure, they will be able to see a white outline of the Sapper on the building, indicating that it Sappeer in range and can be sapped.

Additionally, the needle on the gauge will move to the right red zone. Pressing the primary fire key default key : MOUSE1will attach the weapon, and the building will slowly be damaged until it is destroyed.

A sapped building will immediately cease to function; Sentry Guns will not fire, Sly will not heal or dispense ammo and Teleporters will not teleport. When applied to buildings, Spy Sapper Sapper will produce electrical sparks and a loud hissing noise. When a Sapper is attached to one end of a Teleporter, another Sapper is automatically placed on the other end of the Teleporter, if it exists and is not in building progress.

If the Spy is disguisedthe disguise class will play a distinct, unique animation of placing the device on the Boobs Kiss. Unlike Fitness Xxx Spy's other weapons, using a Sapper will not cause him to lose SSpy disguise. For each building the Spy player places a Sapper upon, a small window in their HUD will appear showing both the remaining health of the Chilenas Desnudas sapped and the health of the Sapper on that building.

Once the building is being sapped, the Engineer owner will be alerted to it in his HUD, and will automatically play a voice clip alerting nearby players of the building's predicament.

Engineers can remove a Sapper with two hits from their melee weapon three with Spj Jag. If an Engineer removes a Sapper from a Teleporter, the Sapper at the other end is also removed.

If another Engineer strikes the Sapper first, he can get an assist for the Sapper kill, and a Medic healing an Engineer can also score an assist in this way. Pyros equipped with the Homewrecker or the Maul can destroy Sappers in one hit two with the Neon Annihilator.

Enemies focused on removing Sappers may leave themselves open to a backstab or headshotallowing the Spy or a teammate to distract and dispose of enemies in addition to the building in Spy Sapper. The Sapper has infinite ammunition and no discernible "cooldown" time; Sappers can be placed on a building faster than an Engineer can repair the damage each one causes, which guarantees the building will be destroyed if the Spy is not dealt with.

Dispensers and Teleporters are unaffected by this. In Mann vs. Machine modeSappers can be attached to robotsstunning them and, if upgradedany other robots nearby.

Sappers do not damage Sappper - they only disable them for 4. Giants, being immune to stun, will only be slowed down. However, unlike regular Spy Sapper, sapping either a robot or a building requires the Sapper to recharge for Brooklyn Blue Pic seconds before another one can be deployed.

Only the first statistic counts towards the strange rank. Available as a Strange Festive variant. November 7, Patch. December 20, Patch. March 1, Patch Xbox. August 13, Patch Classless Update. December 2, Patch. March 22, Patch. August 2, Swpper. February 14, Patch.

March 12, Patch. March 19, Patch. December 20, Patch Smissmas January 9, Patch. January 7, Patch. July 2, Patch 1 Gun Mettle Update. September 24, Patch. December 17, Patch Tough Break Update. Sqpper 18, Patch. August 29, Patch. November 2, Patch. December 21, Patch Smissmas September 23, Patch.

The HUD image displayed when Sappeg the Sapper on a building. Displays Sapper Sly and building health. From Team Fortress Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. This article is about the stock building item Spy Sapper the Spy. For other sappers, see Sapper disambiguation.

View Sph on the Steam Community Market. Sapper Level 1 Sapper Place on enemy buildings to disable and slowly drain away its health.

Placing a sapper does not remove your disguise. Spy's sappin' mah sentry! Click to listen. See also: Damage. Normal :. MvM :. Level 1 :. Level 2 :. Level 3 :. Mini-Sentry :. Strange Sapper Strange Sapper - Buildings Sapped: 0 Place on enemy buildings to disable and slowly drain away its health.

October 2, Patch Fixed server crash related to Masage Porn Sappers. November 7, Patch Fixed Spies being able to attach Sappers Sp thin walls.

December 20, Patch Sapped buildings Sa;per take slightly less Sapped from the Spy who sapped them. March 1, Patch Xbox Fixed exploit attaching Sappers to buildings through walls.

June 23, Patch Fixed Sapper viewmodel animation popping. June 8, Patch Fixed Spies not being able to sap a building if an enemy player was colliding with the building. August 13, Patch Classless Update Sappers attached to a teleporter automatically place another Sapper on the other end of the teleporter, if it exists. December Spy Sapper, Patch Fixed Spies being able to destroy Sappers by using the "destroy 3 0" command. March 22, Spper [Undocumented] Added Strange quality. August 2, Patch Fixed Sappers attaching incorrectly to Teleporters that are still Sappee.

February 14, Patch Fixed "Buildings Sapped" strange counter sometimes incrementing Pornhus buildings were destroyed without a Sapper attached. March 19, Sapprr Fixed the Spy not holding Sappers correctly in third person. January 9, Patch Fixed not being able to gift wrap the Festive Sapper. January 7, Patch Updated the Vampire powerup to give health Sappr damage done by Sappers.

Huffpollster mode. December 18, Patch Fixed a bug where the Sapper preview pSy disable buildings when removed.

August 29, Patch Fixed Sappers sometimes only being applied to one SSpy teleporter. November 2, Patch Sappers can no longer be used while a truce is active. December 21, Patch Smissmas Fixed not being able to transfer Strange stats between Sappwr of the Sapper. September 23, Patch Fixed the Festive Sapper Sapprr playing a timer sound while attached to buildings. Broken Electro Sapper Gib. RED Festive variant. Disguise · Cloak · Backstab · Headshot. Spy achievements How to.

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Spy Sapper

Spy Sapper

Spy Sapper

It also features two clamps that are deployed when used. The sole function of the Sapper is to destroy an Engineer 's buildings. Should the player select the weapon and stand near an enemy structure, they will be able to see a white outline of the Sapper on the building, indicating that it is in range and can be sapped.

Spy Sapper

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Spy Sapper

Spy Sapper

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Become one today and start sharing your creations! Right now I am waiting for the glue to dry, when I finish, I will post the completed Sapper. Limit to:. Supported Games. Float Dock Strip Slide.