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Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

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XConfessions Volume 8 contains the widest breadth of predilections from LustFilms yet. There is passion, romance, and tenderness. Kinky exploration and exhibitionism, imagination, artistry and two short films from Guest Directors. These are your fantasies coming to life while the Lust family Erika Lust X Confession on growing! Every day, anonymous people from all over the world send their erotic stories to XConfessions.

Erika Lust handpicks the best stories and turns them into artistic explicit short films. XConfessions offers a sophisticated take on adult filmmaking, exploring the boundaries of erotica while shattering Blonde Pronstars and stereotypes. This time featuring 6 films, four of which are directed by female Guest Directors, but produced by Erika herself.

It was a matter of justice, after all. The world had to feel it just like she did, […]. Director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn explores contrast between a cold, empty alternate dystopian reality and the warm intimacy of sexual, human connection, fighting inhuman politics with bare, open, sexual people, real desire and passion.

Sally […]. Titty Titty Bang Bang is for all the breast enthusiasts out there — because this film is the breast thing ever! Starring the amazing real-life couple Miriam and Jorge Prado — this film has music, laughter, many great shots […]. This Anjadee takes us on an adventure with a female couple who have pretty much tried it all when it comes to sex.

But, there is one thing that they haven´t tried, something they are very curious about: a man! The eccentric couple is played by Paulita Pappel […]. This new release from Erika Lust X Confession takes the eroticism to a whole new level. In this stunning short film filled with dark s glamour and burlesque, Luke Hotrod and Carol Vega will blow you away with their performance of this confession.

After a man indulges himself and buys the graphic novel, The Art of Spanking by renowned erotic artist Milo Manara, he begins to obsess about this new realm […]. A woman in a strip show demands a private dance from her favorite performer. This neon-soaked, Tarantino-esque sex club vibe is achingly cool as well as deeply erotic!

Kali Sudhra goes to a strip club to masturbate while she watches the male dancers. However, she is so overwhelmed by their bodies, their sexuality, their movements […]. Samantha Bentley and Luke Hotrod, popular performers from the UK, play a couple who overindulge one night and can barely get through the door before ripping each other´s clothes off.

A Wes-Anderson-esque fantasy indulging in spit and bathroom sex. In a neon soaked, fantastically erotically charged restaurant, a couple are having dinner. The intense eroticism and […]. Monotony, boredom, death. Millions live like this or die like this without knowing it. And then some shock treatment takes place, a person, a book, a song, and it awakens them and saves them from death. Some never awaken. One that felt so good that time slowed down?

Now you can watch one in all it´s glory, with every detail enhanced… every kiss, lick, caress and suck… for your viewing pleasure. Don´t underestimate the beauty of mind-blowing fellatio! I want to sit at the end of the bed in silence as she takes his dick in her mouth. I want to be quiet and detached. I […]. A chance encounter between supermarket aisles leads to a frantic and passionate scene in a storage warehouse After a chance encounter between the cheese aisle and the canned goods aisle at Just Porn grocery store between Luke Erika Lust X Confession Magena, you can literally feel the desire and energy crackling off the screen.

In Erika Lust´s first ever orgy scene, you will see familiar faces and new talent as well! Pro: everyone in the class is […]. A man and a woman have a secret rendezvous in a forest near the camping site where they both spend their holidays with their partners.

Time is short, they don´t even speak the same language, but desire is overwhelming…. Every writer in the room types frantically, but she is just not inspired. Until she sees him, down at the beach, carrying Erika Lust X Confession surfboard with muscled arms. Such a stereotype… But yeah, she would love to fuck with a guy like that. So probably her readers will too. What do readers look for after all? A Syrian refugee is living in Germany when Erika Lust X Confession stumbles across a poetry reading.

Unsuspecting and burly Dean Van Damme enters a deserted cocktail bar in the middle of the road. Challenged by the barman, he dares to order two Power Pussies… Two dominate Erika Lust X Confession make a spectacular appearance to tie and torment him.

This kinky threesome Erika Lust X Confession full of hot hot hot sex, bringing to life a confession […]. I want every inch of her beautiful body. Her white velvet skin, the taste of her tongue, the smell of her hair, […]. Welcome to the world of the Noir and Daryl, the musical duo SexKult.

Making gothic electronic music and experimental films, they explore the darker side of love, sexuality and psychology. A young woman innocently looking for a phone charger stumbles across her roommate´s sex toy. This is the trigger for a fantasy she didn´t even know she had. He has an army ready for war -a vacuum cleaner, a record of dogs barking really loud- but all […].

Best of all, she was a lesbian. She called me the next weekend and invited me […]. Two women, several toys, multiple orgasms. Plus a hilarious roundtable with ComeCurious! Samantha Bentley and Franck Franco make a gorgeous couple in this confession about sex when you´re a parent.

Written in Spanish, these anonymous writers tell stories of their various quickies and the details of having frantic, passionate sex as soon as the kids are away for a few minutes. Brought to life by these talented […]. Charming, real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas return for a funny twist on the office romance in Meet Me in the Stockroom. In this film, a blindfolded Amarna knows exactly what she wants as she whispers to Kristopher every step in a manual of pleasure: from kissing and sucking, to licking and teasing with a vibrator, finally culminating in an intense […].

This new release from XConfessions has everything for the girl who likes to sit down and watch: dancing, real passionate sex…and a pair of glorious suede chaps! I want to feel the heat […]. Running from the cops through the snow, what would you do?

Screw, of course! I absolutely loved this one from ada. How could I resist! It was also loads of fun to shoot […]. A woman´s lingerie says a lot about her, at least according to the author of this confession.

Is his neighbor provoking him with all those lace bras and delicate panties? One day a piece of lingerie falls down to his patio. Is it an accident, or has she done it on purpose? The only way […]. She feels free amongst the nature, the flowers, the fish and Erika Lust X Confession water. She reads her book, and then Xxx Black Girl Fuck a man emerging from around […].

Inside she feels the same desire rising within her, but also the desire […]. I thought how sexy would that be?

A man dressed in a fish tail. What if he swam with a gorgeous lifeguard played by Carolina Abril? And it all took place on the beautiful island of Ibiza. What if the first time you met someone, it was to have sex on camera?

Witness: Cintia, first time adult performer meeting Owen Gray, prolific adult actor […]. Maria has found Erika Lust X Confession low cost ticket to Barcelona. It´s her first time in the city and she´s staying with friends of a friend. They are a lesbian couple that overwhelm her a little.

They turn out to be so polite, so friendly, so cool, so hot! She wouldn´t mind to be introduced into lesbian […].

I felt nothing but raw desire as I […]. The legendary Mrs. Robinson, your best friend´s mum, comes over and over again. In this confession, real couple Miriam and Jorge play a delicious sex game where she is his secretary for the night […].

We have costumes and masks, we wear our identities and play.

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

XConfessions Volume 8 contains the widest breadth of predilections from LustFilms yet. There is passion, romance, and tenderness.

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust is an independent erotic filmmaker, author, and founder of Erika Lust Films. She is the creator of this award-winning project where she creates groundbreaking, crowd-sourced, artistic adult short films based on the public's anonymous personal fantasies. Your secret confession is .

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

Erika Lust X Confession

The award-winning XConfessions was born in as the first step of filmmaker Erika Lust’s mission to create a new wave of adult cinema. XConfessions is now home to a community of filmmakers, artists, performers, and viewers who love sex and film and are looking for a new kind of erotic experience.

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