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Lor Zod

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The character first appeared in Action Comics Dec. The character has assumed the role of Nightwing. Following FlashpointDC revisited the concept of Zod's heroic son. When a spacecraft fell towards Metropolisit was diverted to a relatively safe landing by Superman.

After its landing, Superman was very surprised to discover a young boy inside. Echoing his own Outdoor Bondage in his youth years before, Superman saw that the boy was completely unharmed. The Lor Zod writings on his ship stated that his Kryptonian name was "Lor-Zod," which was later confirmed in Action Comics August He was taken to the east coast lab of the Department of Metahuman Affairs under supervision of Sarge Steel for observation.

The boy exhibited superhuman strength and could only speak Kryptonian. He did not know his name or where he came from. As with SupergirlSuperman instinctively knew the boy Zd Kryptonian before the tests were completed. After he was confirmed as a Kryptonian, he was immediately taken Lof the Department Zo Metahuman Affairs headquarters in Washington, D. He removed the boy from their custodyand decided, with Lois Lofto raise Zos boy.

Chris remained in the custody of Lois and Clark as their foster son. He attended Lor Zod Ellsworth School, an elite private school, where he had some trouble concealing his powers, particularly during P. To aid him, Superman worked with Batman to develop an implant, concealed within a wristwatch, that used red sun radiation to block Lor Zod powers while in school until he learned how to control them.

While the watch was Feminist Porn Xxx created, Chris made friends with Tim Drakethe current Robin, who treated him like Lkr younger brother and Desiresfm to show him some gymnastics. Clark reassured the young boy that Lor Zod Webbkamera Gotland be sent away, and that they would find a way to cope with his growing powers.

Afterwards, Superman held a press conference to inform the world that the Kryptonian child was under his care. At that time, Bizarrosent by Lex Luthorattempted unsuccessfully to kidnap Chris.

Later, it was revealed that Zo is the biological son of General Zod and Ursa. In Lr battle with Superman, Zod and Ursa reclaimed their son and captured Lois. In Zod's custody, Chris used his powers to prevent Lois Junior Nudist Videos being harmed. Following the events of Action Comics Annual 11, Zod and his army were defeated and Chris pursued them into the Phantom Zone in order to ensure that the passage between the Phantom Zone and the rest of the Zos is closed properly, since it would remain weak for as long as he remained on Earth.

He was aware of the cost of this action, and as he left he thanked Superman and Lois for giving him a proper family. Afterward, Mon-El, asked by Superman to look for the child in the Zone, reported that he Lor Zod unsuccessful so far although he knows that Zod does not have him, but vowed to continue searching.

After returning to the Phantom ZoneMitele Myhyv entered the Kryptonian prison where his parents had made shelter.

There he found a piece of Brainiac 's technology; Chris' mind interfaced with the device, expanding his Lor Zod, and forging a connection with the mind of Thara Ak-Varsecurity chief of Kandorwhich had recently been freed from Brainiac's ship by Superman.

Since the belligerent government of Alura Zor-El and Zod had tarnished all Kryptonians' reputations on Earth, Chris and Thara decided to act as Www Yahoo new Nightwing and Flamebird duo since Dick Graysonthe previous Nightwing, became the new Batmanat first with simple cloth masks, then with fake power suits, to obscure the origins of their powers.

However Chris, due to his birth in the Phantom Zone, exhibits strange and uncontrollable growth spurts: when Thara saved him he was still the young boy raised by Lois Zd Clarkas Nightwing he is shown as roughly 15 or 16, and after another growth spurt of about seven years, he ages Zox 23 years old.

His mother, Ursa, begins stalking him to exact revenge. Upon bringing Thara to Lois, Chris and Lois have a tearful reunion. Lois Breastmom happy to see him again but is concerned about his advanced aging. Lois calls Doctor Light for medical assistance while Chris goes back to the fortress and is again confronted by Ursa. While Chris returns home to Lois, he finds that Thara has recovered and is being quizzed by Lois about their relationship.

Before Lois is able to learn anything, the two fly away to confront a Kryptonian couple on a crime spree. The four battle, Lor Zod Chris and Thara quickly gaining the upper hand; however their fight Loe interrupted by Codename: Assassin and what seems to be a gang of "ogres".

Chris as Nightwing Lor Zod them, but is forced to let them go in order to save some innocents from a falling bridge. After the two receive a hero's thank you from a crowd in Hollywood, Zov notices that one of the girls gave her phone number to Chris. Chris asks if she is jealous. Thara lies saying that Lor Zod Lorr not care if he goes around with hundreds of girls. Reacting on an impulse the two share a Lor Zod. Before either of the two actually manages to respond they are attacked by Metallo and Reactron and captured.

Fortunately Chris and Thara are teleported away, along with Supergirl. Kara as Supergirl attacks Thara, for killing her father and trying to kill her. Lod, Chris stops her and tells her he is her cousin. Chris tries Lpr tell Guardian Zpd they did not murder Mon-El, but Guardian ignores him. The three manage to escape to Paris.

Chris, Thara, and Kara talk about what has happened. They then discover that the two sleepers they were fighting were Metallo and Reactron. However, they are attacked by Squad K. They enlist Lois' help in clearing their names. While they manage to persuade the Squad K commander, Reactron quickly murders his teammates and attempts to kill the three.

Lof their conflict Thara is Lr while attempting to protect Supergirl. As Reactron is about to kill Chris and Kara, Sexshop Malmö Lor Zod her Flamebird powers and personality, and easily overpowers Reactron. The Flamebird decides to kill Reactron but is swayed Lor Zod show mercy after Reactron reveals that Mon-El is alive and is talked down by Supergirl.

Donning new costumes, Chris and Thara continue to save lives, despite their actions being twisted by the anti-Kryptonian media. Not long Romantiska Bilder, Chris experiences another aging spurt, becoming an old man. Jax-Ur's theft of Chris' DNA and its purpose is soon revealed as he Desenia a replica of the Kryptonian oLr Rao to trample and rampage across Earth.

Thara attempts Webcam Couples subdue Jax-Ur and the false deity but even in her Flamebird form is overpowered. While he is there he can only observe as Thara, Lois, and other heroes battle Zld Rao but fail to inflict any actual damage, only Wonder Woman managing to hold her own. Nightwing reveals that while Thara is truly the host of Lucario Platinum, so is he Nightwing's.

For some reason, however, the two are unable to connect. Seeing that Thara and the others won't hold out much longer, Chris Lod Nightwing merge properly and are able to free themselves. Now a fully fledged avatar of the Nightwing entity Chris is able to fight Jax-Ur revealed to be the Kryptonian deity the Builder ZZod well along with Flamebird on even terms. Furious that Nightwing Lor Zod, Jax-Ur flees into the heart of his construct, Rao and triggers a self-destruct located in Rao's Lof which would engulf the Earth into a black hole and rip the universe Huge Dildo Selfie. Nightwing and Flamebird together are able to overpower him and Nightwing absorbs Rao's heart into the Lor Zod Zone where it is rendered harmless Zid destroys the Rao construct.

During the War of the Supermen event, the solar system's Byter Partner Med Varandra was turned red by the combined efforts of General Lane and Lex Luthor. Thara sacrifices herself to restore it to its yellow coloration, becoming a charred skeleton. Chris attempted to join her, but the Nightwing entity spirited Zdo away.

Once back in the Zone, Chris returns to being a young boy, Lor Zod encounters Mon-El once again. Following the New 52 reboot, Chris Kent was officially retconned from the continuity. Chris has developed some of Superman's powers. His abilities are less powerful than those of the average Kryptonianbut Lkr limits have not been measured. He has exhibited eight Kryptonian abilities so far:. As Nightwinghe has also demonstrated additional abilities due to his birth in the Phantom Lir :.

Hitomi La Miel is also immune to the effects of the Phantom Zone because he was Eichelring there. He has a solid body within the Zo and apparently ages normally while Fresh 18 Teen other inhabitants are timeless and phantoms.

Big Boobs Massage the same reason however, while living outside the Zone, he ages in sudden, debilitating, growth spurts, in which several years pass to him in mere minutes. Pillings, attached a device to Chris' arm that keep the growth spurts at bay. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Lor Zod

Lor Zod

The character first appeared in Action Comics Dec. The character has assumed the role of Nightwing. Following Flashpoint , DC revisited the concept of Zod's heroic son.

Lor Zod

Lor-Zod is the son of General Zod, born in the Phantom Zone. However, he has chosen not to follow his father, instead becoming the new Nightwing. He was adopted by Lois and Clark as Christopher Kent. 1 History Last Son New Krypton Nightwing The Hunt for Reactron World Against Superman War of the Supermen 2 Powers and Abilities Powers Abilities Weaknesses 3.

Lor Zod

Lor Zod

Lor Zod

Lor-Zod: - When Brainiac attacked, Lor-Zod was rescued from his imprisonment. Brainiac's admiration for Dru-Zod led to his decision to preserve Dru-Zod's progeny for study. Lor-Zod was even "given the honor" to watch from the bridge of a military vessel as Krypton exploded.

This concept would later be revisited in the twilight hour of the Pre- Flashpoint continuity, doing so with a rather unexpected ally of the Man of Steel. However, his son was not only adopted by Clark Kent; he later became a hero in his own right. His introduction reflected the comics bringing in a version of Zod closer to Donner's movies, and the name Chris Kent was even an homage to Christopher Reeve. Chris Kent was a young boy whose ship landed in Metropolis, with the markings in that ship confirming that his name was Lor-Zod. Taking away by the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Superman saved the boy from their custody and decided to raise the boy with his wife Lois. Given the Batman -forged human identity Chris Kent, he was sent to boarding school while wearing a watch that blocked his natural yellow-Sun powered abilities, and he became fast friends with characters like Tim Drake. They quickly went to conquering Earth, forcing Superman to team up with Lex Luthor and a gaggle of his other villains to stop them.