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Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

Porr R33 GTR rear wing Bee*r style - Cosmetic, Styling & Respray - SAU Community Bilder

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They use the factory mounts and put a larger blade ontop of the position the standard one sits. Car will be trailered so being horribly illegal isn't an issue.

If anyone has done this and can provide me some decent photos or even a CAD drawing that would be sick. Not sure. The 33 has all the fruit. It's pretty well sorted. I wanted to lighten it up a bit with some fun. I'm not here for the wing Ahh fair enough. This part of it from another forum. I figured that SAU has had the same shit done to death over and over again no point posting it.

But here you go! S Ignore the messy factory. I had a factory in oakleigh just storing some bits 3 drift cars, a bunch of engine bits and it all ended up disassembled on the floor lol.

Running the same turbo setup, upgraded to cc Bee R Wing R33 injectors on an aftermarket rail, earls fittings Cheers earl! Anyone done one of the wing things? I know richo did something similar so thats the kind of thing im going for. Drift wang spec. I'm contemplating a mod for my R33 GTR Bee R Wing R33 too. But I don't really like the look of the raised Ashirra. Flat end plates on those winglets.

I do my own carbon fibre overlay and epoxy so just need to ensure the carbon weave is similar to the existing carbon wing. Then for added down force I want to fabricate a flap extension for the back of the existing wing. That will Köpa Sari Stockholm tied to the existing wing and braced with turnbuckle supports tied to the boot.

I have a big GT wang to use. The GTR wing stays on it. I want to be able to unbolt it and put the standard blade Sex Bot Download in for when it's doing anything else! Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By discopotato03 · Posted 37 minutes ago. By BK · Posted 43 minutes ago. By Fizurg · Posted 49 minutes ago. By HBdeebo · Posted 1 hour ago.

See fewer ads! Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates Click here to register Guest Message by DevFuse. Followers 0. Pr0x1mity Posted July 4, Posted July 4, I believe richo made larger end plates but i didnt read of anything else Pr0x1mity Posted July 15, Posted July 15, Still sticking with the Nistune. Anyway, back to wing stuff Thanks mate, looks like a lot of work, good job!

Bee R Wing R33 Posted July 15, All design planning phase right now. Pr0x1mity Posted July 28, Posted July 28, Mia Kirshner 2017 Let me know what you come up with! Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go to topic listing.

New To The Forum? Latest Posts. T3 Divided vs T4 Divided - Worth it? Firstly need to go back to when these flange sizes footprints were first made and why. T4 started out as a truck diesel thing from memory back in the sopen and divided. Garrett was producing turbos in different locations Bee R Wing R33 the world and there a a few variations of what people like to call T4.

To keep it simple I'll say the big size is T4and what people like to call divided T3 was actually "T4 International". These may have the same external dimensions and stud pattern as Bee R Wing R33 generic T3s but the total distance across the divided ports is approx 10mm wider than the T3s single port.

Anyone that bolted say a GT30 on an RB25 would have noticed that the turbine housing inlet isn't as wide as the exhaust manifold ports and it forms a step in the wrong direction.

Garrett T3s I think came about in the early sI believe it was because T4 was really too big and heavy externally for passenger cars especially turbines and their housings. I think N trim was Inflatable Dildo smallest of the original "T4" turbines and these are not exactly small light or responsive for smallish passenger car petrol engines.

Anyway the T3 centre housing was the same as T4 as was the turbine shaft diameterbut the turbine wheels were smaller and lighter and the compressor wheels and Bee R Wing R33 housings and backplates. Turbocharged production cars really took off in the early s mainly from Japan and Europe.

Now to twin scroll systems. With a petrol engine in a road car the turbo needs to Gaysex Extreme sized so that it wakes up reasonably early and doesn't over boost or over speed in the upper half of the engines rev rangehence he waste gate. As for the split pulsed manifolds and divided turbine housings go I think the gains are mainly from making our humble piston pump work betteror maybe I should lose less for having restrictions in the Bee R Wing R33 paths.

Higher performance designs were basically split pulsed ones with two outlets to try Siswantsme Com get some scavenging happening so hot spent exhaust gas didn't reverse back into the cylinders before the exhaust valves closed.

It's not a very difficult concept to understand. Its obvious that gas under pressure will always travel towards the least path of resistance. The combustion temp drove the cylinder pressure up so when the exhaust valves open there is a path to lower pressure beyond so out the exhaust gas flows.

The theory is that when the cylinder blows down the velocity of the gas can actually leave a lower pressure in the exhausting cylinder Bee R Wing R33 than down the exhaust tract. Bee R Wing R33 there is a sufficient pressure rise in the exhaust tract then some of the exhaust gas WILL change direction and flow back into the cylinder - this is known as reversion. When you have pulse divided manifolds and divided turbine housings each half of that turbine housing is only seeing half as many exhaust pulses - so the time between pulses is double of what a single scroll system see's.

To make lots of power torque you have to be able to move a lot Bee R Wing R33 exhaust gas or the engine will choke massive reversion. So luckily for our twin scroll system we need to have reasonably larger turbine housing volutes because our exhaust pulses like to expand into a reasonable volume and vent allowing the pressure to drop ahead of the next pulse. I Valerie De Winter Sex it's the opposite for the T housing and turbine.

So I guess in a nut Andrew Scott Gay twin scrolling done properly means exhaust manifold pressure is low when it needs to be low for the engine and high when it needs to be high across the turbine blades.

Turbine housings are bastard to make because the divider at the nozzle cops a thermal thrashing and there isn't a lot of material in this area to conduct the heat away or just wear it. So expensive difficult to machine materials are needed to make them reliable. And then you need a control mechanism which is usually a wastegate.

This is also difficult to arrange if the sides of the system are kept isolated. It's generally easier in a production car to make the wastegate integral which is what Mitsubishi did with their Evos Still not easy to make a shared or paired flat valve seal long term and their seats to not crack or warp.

External gates are probably to expensive to use unless you are Porsche or some other very expensive low volume exotic brand. I should mention the parallel twins vs Dillion Harper Pov twin scroll setup on things like RB26s here. Two smallish twin turbos on short manifolds with separate waste gates for each bank of 3 cylindersand fitted up close to the head so the body shell could drop over it on the production line.

Maybe not ideal by todays standards but I can't imagine Nissan doing a twin scroll single with twin ext gates etc in such a low volume car. History has proved One Night Stand Porn GTR was a pretty successful concept and probably too good in some ways. Lastly T3 divided really T4 International vs T4 divided turbine housings. Imo the issue here is that it's a big ask to merge 6 exhaust manifold runners into the the two ports of the divided "T3" sized turbine housing.

With the larger T4 divided size ports you are less likely to get a pressure rise ahead of the volutes and dual turbine nozzles.

Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

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Bee R Wing R33

nissan Skyline R33 GTS/GTR Bee-R Style GT spoiler wing. Company profile: Shanghai Yu hang Auto Parts Co., established 4 years ago and has now developed into one of the well-known auto styling manufacturer in China.

Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

Bee R Wing R33

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Bee-R Style GT Spoiler Wing (only fit GTR Rear Spoiler Base) RCFRP Regular price Special $ Save 0%.

Shanghai Yu hang Auto Parts Co. We will try our best to reply to your queries within 24 hours; some delay might be caused during weekends or holidays. Packaging Detail:Bundled with dull film poly bag and filled with foam,wooden packed outside Delivery Detail days. Spoiler Spoiler for Land Rover Freelander 2 1. For Land Rover Freelander 2 2. Materisal: ABS.