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This is a digital memorial for Tank Hafertepen by his partner, Dylan Hafertepen. Content is a mix of our original photography and writing, primarily from the period we were Smile Trelleborg — His passing was originally announced on Facebook here. If you have questions about his passing, check out the official FAQ.

Tank was a militant atheist, leaving detailed instructions that his body be used to advance science, organs harvested for transplant, and his remains cremated without a service. Instead, I found comfort in how Tank looked at death. Tank understood that while his mind would eventually die, his energy could not by the first law of thermodynamics; that no energy is created in the universe, and no energy is destroyed.

All the energy he shared with us--every touch, every word, every look--that energy will remain with us. He had a tremendous energy. I see the butterfly effect Tank had on the world, and I miss him incredibly.

Creating a memorial is one way I hope to share his energy, selfishly to immortalize the man I love. Everyone who has ever met Tank knows how wonderful, loving, and special he was. He radiated an effervescence of delight and looked at the world with a beautiful innocence. It was infectious. He lived to help people, and was happiest helping those he Hafertepen. The thing that could brighten his day was making yours better.

That service came in many forms to his friends and community:. I love you, Tank. My best friend, my partner, my world. Thank you for allowing me to be in your life. He was not a material person, but he did have some indulgences. Join his family, friends, and I in celebrating his life by trying some of Hafertepen favourite things:.

These were his "favourite" things Catfish, durian, geoduck These are some of our Hafertepen and writings from our shared history together. Ordered chronologically, it shows the progression of our relationship. Two, awkward young adults, building a life together with our unconventional family. Tank was an avid photographer and photogenic model, with thousands of photos taken during our adventures.

What capitaved me was his intense curiosity. He looked at the world with a genuine innocence. Novelty was everywhere for him, and his enthusiasm was infectious. Then, inhe shared a rose with me over chat, asking me to be his Valentine. He flew from Melbourne to San Francisco and we spent an unforgettable weekend together.

Seeing him light up was intoxicating. Small things like going to the gym, or new experiences like a Brazilian Steakhouse, to his first big gay party.

I was so lucky. We were determined to make the long distance relationship work. Chatting regularly, making skype calls, and planning trips.

Our next rendezvous was in Provincetown: a beautiful gay village in Massachusetts. I introduced him to my friends, oysters, and the joys of tea dances. In the past pup has said a few times in the past that in order to find your way home, all you need to do is find the Transamerica Pyramid. That fact is true…kind of. In essence, it was never actually about the building itself but it became a symbol of someone living nearby it.

Home is about where the people that are important to you are, and where there are people that are important to you. Home is where your family is, however you define it to be. Gay marriage was not legally recognized yet in either America or Australia. Immigration seemed like a bigger challenge than crossing the ocean over the summer It all happened very quickly. He sold his home in Melbourne, reduced his belongings to just a suitcase, and flew to San Francisco.

Every week was a different adventure in domestic bliss. Working out together, cooking for each other, day trips Rc Polaris Rmk of the city. He would surprise me at work with lunch, and I would show him my favourite things in each neighborhood of San Francisco. Tank's love languages were Acts of Service and One-on-One time.

Every time he did my laundry, brought me lunch, or took me on a date he was saying I love you with tangible action. Tank's version of a kiss. When he really wanted to express his love, he would gift creative, exuberant, adventures. One year for my birthday, he organized a color fight in Golden Gate Park, followed by a photoshoot, and picnic. I was speechless, which he first interpreted as dissatisfied. But when he saw me tearing up with gratitude, his mood changed to pure delight.

The best gifts weren't things, but experiences, and he gave me something unforgettable. They're my favourite photos of us together, capturing our unique dynamic. You took me to a Hafertepen three hat whatever that means restaurant at the top of the Sydney skyline, where we giggled like excited school kids as we ordered the fun house cocktails - while getting ourselves quite drunk.

You ordered us the tastings menu and every dish came out thoughtfully presented by waiters that all seemed to have bad diction. It was a beautiful privilege to take you through the city that used to be my home, Melbourne. When planning this trip, I really wanted to show you where I came from.

Melbourne is a beautiful and eclectic city - with a lot of art and culture - and diversity in its architecture. I Hafertepen the opportunity to take you through the little alleyways filled with gorgeous food. Taking you to to see the Rothko was an event that I thought brought us together. You got to lift at my old powerlifting gym and meet my Australian friends.

We stumbled upon the deli section of the Queen Victoria Market and we made ourselves an imprompteu picnic in the park. When we had open eyes and just allowed ourselves to be taken in and allow ourselves to explore, and be surprised and to simply be with eachother. The times we got Hafertepen from where we thought we wanted or what was normal, and did our own thing. We explored. The sort of travel I want to have.

Wherever we are, whatever we do. As long as it is with you. As long as you are able to do at least one single good thing today, you're better than you were yesterday. Which ultimately impacts decision making. Which ultimately impacts others. It's important to address one's faults - but to be kind to one's self too Don't stress on it too much Tank.

You are gonna do well. The weekend is about love, Wendy Fiore Age honouring where it has been lost, about recognising where it lives, and being able to both give and receive it. I saw a lot of bravery this weekend. I'm really proud of our teens. They shared their stories, their vulnerabilities. You will find your new normal, but your special people live inside you.

It's hard, but it does get better - but never the same. Thank you so much to the amazing team who gave their time, and their love, their efforts and took the time to show me the ropes. Videos of Tank dancing are the purest embodiment of Tank. He produced dozens of these, but here are the only two that were appropriate for his memorial. Tank was a big fan of Creative Commons, so please respect that everything on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.

Index Forward Who was Tank Hafertepen? Tank's favourite things Memories Extras. Forward Eulogizing my partner has been a challenging experience. Thank you for visiting, Dylan Hafertepen.

Who was Tank Hafertepen? That service came in many forms to his friends and community: Raising awareness Elsa Hosk Tits social issues in the gay community with his radio show The Cubby House. Working for LifeLong, a non-profit organization, to provide healthy, medically appropriate, meals and groceries to individuals in need due to chronic and terminal illness, Gangbang Sverige the homebound elderly and people living with HIV.






This is a digital memorial for Tank Hafertepen by his partner, Dylan Hafertepen. Content is a mix of our original photography and writing, primarily from the period we were together —


Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen February 13th, — October 15th, About. This is a digital memorial for Tank Hafertepen by his partner, Dylan Hafertepen. Content is a mix of our original photography and writing, primarily from the period we were together ( — ).



Dr. Hafertepen is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and practices breast surgery. Her special interests include prevention and treatment of hereditary breast cancer, nipple sparing mastectomy, oncoplastic and minimally invasive breast surgery.

Unfortunately, continued speculation has not allowed me to remain silent. Some misinterpreted facts, conspiracy theories, and not nearly enough celebrating the wonderful man that he was. Tank had long wanted to take my surname, and when we felt ready, he did. Tank had tremendous pride about his chosen name and was quick to correct people who tried to deadname him. We were not sure what the root cause was when Tank died, and announced it as a previously undiagnosed lung issue before receiving a copy of the death certificate. When Tank was first admitted to the hospital, it was initially described as a serious lung ailment and later pneumonitis.