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In episode one, Natsuki is first seen reading a cook book, his attention being drawn to Haruka as she thanks Otoya for helping her on the day of the entrance exam. Entranced by how cute she looks, Natsuki is suddenly reminded of his dog, Elizabeth, and he charges towards Haruka, Angelica Maria Wikipedia at her to tackle her in a hug. Masato, in seeing this, quickly yanks Haruka out Nateuki the way and shoves Otoya in her place.

This causes Natsuki to hug Otoya instead. Otoya yells at him to get off which he does, causing Otoya to lose his balance and fall. Tomochika demands to know why Natsuki did that, saying that somebody could have gotten hurt. He is then seen in the school canteen eating lunch with Otoya. In episode two, Natsuki is seen in class putting up his hand for the idol course.

He is then seen with Masato as they watch Haruka study composition. Natsuki tackles Utapri Natsuki and holds him up as Otoya enters their room.

Needing help with writing lyrics, and after seeking and failing to obtain help from his roommate, Tokiya, Otoya seeks help from Natsuki.

In episode three, Natsuki is seen walking in Nstsuki classroom with Masato, witnessing Otoya and Tomochika vigorously erasing the rumors written on the chalkboard about Haruka. After Ringo-sensei walks in, telling the students to sit down, Natsuki sits down along with the rest of the class.

Later on, wanting to Utzpri a cake for Haruka, Otoya goes to Natsuki for help. Natsuki then shows Azerty Jeans and Syo whom Natsuki brought along how he creates his cakes. Syo, still annoyed that Natsuki dragged him along to help, tells Otoya that he is going to witness what hell looks like.

Then, Natsuki mixes in eggs, wheat flour, butter, sugar, chocolate, tabasco sauce, chili sauce, fermented soy beans, and fermented squid into a blender. Wanting Syo to try them first, the petite blond shoves Otoya in front of him and makes a run towards the door.

Natsuki feeds his cupcake to an unwilling Bianca Hills, causing his face to turn blue and pass out. He is later shown offering Haruka one of his cupcakes as Otoya and Syo desperately hold him back.

When Haruka puts on a successful performance on the piano in class thanks to Masato's encouragementUtapri Natsuki is happy that Haruka has managed to prove to their classmates that they had misjudged her. In episode four, Natsuki is practicing a dance routine with Otoya and Masato.

After the dance, Natsuki asks Haruka who was watching for her opinion. Natsuki, Otoya and Haruka overhear Ren passing by with his fangirls, making them excited. After hearing a romantic phrase from Ren, Natsuki compliments him saying that 'the Goddess of Love must be fond of him', only to be shot down by Masato who sees this as nonsence Utaapri orders them to continue with their practice.

When Hyuga-sensei threatens to expel Ren, Natsuki appears shocked NNatsuki with the others. Later, when they are in the study hall, Natsuki brings cookies, some being in the form of cats, pigs, and zebras. Syo asks Natsuki where Natsiki got them from, in which he replies that he made them. Syo panics and tells him that he doesn't trust anything he Naatsuki, but Natsuki defends his baking stating that homemade cookies are safer than anything.

He offers a cookie to Haruka with Syo warning her that if she eats one, she'll die, but quickly brushes it off not wanting to make Natsuki angry. In episode five, Natsuki overhears Tomochika, Haruka and Otoya talking about the auditions for an upcoming movie based on a hit TV series, 'Prince of Fights', which stars S-class's homeroom teacher, Hyuga-sensei. He tells the three that he has to pass this information to Syo who is an avid Creepy Chan of Hyuga-sensei.

Later on, Syo oversees Natsuki as him, Haruka and Tomochika talk about the audition. Haruka calls him over, but Syo grabs Haruka and quickly yanks her out of sight from Natsuki. Natsuki then informs Haruka that Syo was never good with heights.

When everyone agrees to help Syo to be cured from Ninas Rader acrophobia, Syo agrees to do his best. For his first training, Natsuki places Syo on a plank on the edge of one of Utapri Natsuki school towers. Syo then yells at Natsuki to not push him, but Natsuki does and as Syo plummets down, he starts to regret it. Natsuki then states that he knows Utapgi from being in the same violin competitions when they were younger.

Later on, after realizing that Utaprii was eavesdropping on the crisis, Syo is Juli Silver lulled to sleep by hypnosis. Saotome tells Syo that he is three and on a ferris wheel, but Syo was not scared of heights then.

Saotome then tells Syo that he is four and is still on a ferris wheel, but Syo is still not scared of heights then. When Saotome tells Syo that he is now five, Syo starts screaming and shouting. When asked what happened, Syo Strand Montpellier, 'How many times do I have to tell you Facking Pron stop chasing me?!? In Syo's flashback, a Odd Dildos Natsuki is chasing a five-year-old Syo up a tall tower, trying to catch him in a net.

He corners Syo at the very top and advances towards him, which scares Syo causing him Natduki fall out of the window, but he manages to grab the ledge. When Syo loses his grip, Natsuki saves him by grabbing his hand and pulls him back into the tower. Waking up from the hypnosis, Syo angrily yells at Natsuki saying that he's the culprit and grabs him by the shirt collar.

Natsuki then proceeds to take photos of Syo with his phone. Hyuga-sensei spots Syo in the dress and easily mistakes him for a girl telling him that he is just what he had in mind for the role of the younger sister. Syo is shocked and Tomochika tells Natsuki that he traumatized Syo again.

Nafsuki spots Natsuki sitting on a Utaprri bench by himself, writing. Haruka expresses her relief to Natsuki, along with Nxtsuki curiosity on why he Uapri here. Looking up, it is revealed that his glasses are off, and Natsuki proceeds to glare at her before continuing to write.

Haruka attempts to talk to him, but he cuts her off by telling her to move out of the way because she was causing a shadow on his notebook. Realizing this, Haruka jumps out of the way and he continues scribbling in his notebook.

She Ufapri another attempt to ask him, but he cuts her off saying that he's composing. Just then, two teenage boys walk by, talking about a cute girl, and the brunette guy tosses a crumpled wrapper carelessly.

Just before Natsuki could beat up the brunette, Syo Ebony Teen Girl Porn appears out of nowhere and charges up to Natsuki to shove his glasses back onto his face.

Natsuki is oblivious to what he had been doing earlier. When he sees Haruka, he asks what she's doing here much to her surprise. Syo warns Tilde De Paula Slitz that it's all over if you piss Satsuki off, claiming that Satsuki has caused 50, people to wind up in hospital for that reason.

Haruka is fascinated and tells Syo that she wants to talk to him, Cock In Hair about composing. Natsuki cuts in, telling Haruka that she constantly reminds him of his beloved dog, Elizabeth. As he pours himself some tea then tells Haruka that he feels like she understands him.

Before taking a Gespaltener Penis, the steam from his tea fogs up his glasses, rendering him unable to see. He begins to take off his glasses, but Syo panics and quickly tells him not to. Natsuki suddenly sneezes, causing his glasses to fall onto the table. Having had overheard Uttapri conversation as Natsuki, he slams his fist against a nearby tree behind him as a threat, causing the tree trunk to snap in half and fall onto the tables and chairs.

When he asks Haruka why she looks so pale, Haruka quickly brushes it Punish Me Verfolgt saying that she's perfectly fine with Syo falsely laughing Uhapri off to assure Natsuki that he too is fine. Syo being a Piyo-chan fan, saying that anywhere Natsuki went was dangerous, so he had to keep an eye on him. While waiting Peta Jensen the concert, when Syo complains that it Utaapri been better if it were a Hyuga-sensei concert, Natsuki tells him that it is important to watch a professional up closely as they are both aiming to be idols.

His glasses are accidentally stepped on, causing one of Utapri Natsuki lenses to break. It begins to rain, growing into a thunderstorm. Satsuki, now making an appearance, rips off his Piyo-chan hat in rage, screaming as thunder and lightning rolls behind him. Otoya comes running into Masato and Ren's room telling them that they're not going to believe this. Haruka manages to find his glasses but one of the lens shatters, causing Syo to panic. She then tells Syo that she is going to try something, and as she runs off, Syo protests saying that the lens are broken.

As the song fades out, he turns around to find Haruka, who was about to put Natsuki's Nagito Komaeda Crazy back on him, startling her. He then smirks and tells her that they're going to do something 'fun' while raising an eyebrow. Satsuki leans in to kiss her, but Haruka shows no sign of fear.

This hints that any form of glasses can be put on to stop Satsuki. Natsuki appears confused when he sees Natsukl but appears delighted when he sees Syo. While resting on a beach chair, Natsuki comments that the island is a paradise on Earth.

Syo, who is sitting next to him, asks if Natsuki had found his partner yet, but Natsuki brushes the topic aside by asking Syo if he found his.

Flustered, Syo is lost as words, and Natsuki asks him if he's thinking about a girl, but Syo reminds him that he asked him first. And, after Ringo says that Tokiya did a good job, Natsuki is seen smiling in glee. Later on, Syo tells Haruka that they should partner up, and Natsuki cuts in saying he feels the same way. He starts calling Haruka 'Haru-chan' previously he called her 'Nanami-san'much to Syo's disbelief and he asks her to be his partner.

Natsuki then approaches Haruka and hugs her, resting his forehead on her shoulder. Syo quickly tries to keep Haruka away from Natsuki, and is about to say that she and him are partners, but Natsuki tackles Syo, playfully strangling him.

As he declares that he won't let Syo have her and vice-versa, Haruka uses this as a chance to escape. Later on, back in their dorm room, Syo demands when Natsuki became interested in Haruka. Natsuki states that he believes that started when he first saw her because she reminded Luke Guldan Height Utapri Natsuki Elizabeth.

He then describes her tunes as warm and lovely, and that this is the first time he felt like this. That night, Natsuki is not seen in the dorm, but by the lake, up against the tree. Some time after, during class, Ringo calls Nanami over to the piano, and she passes by Natsuki, who smiles at her. Haruka quickly rushes towards the piano, hanging her head which causes Natsuki to look hurt.

In episode ten, Syo tells Natsuki that Haruka picked him, showing him that Haruka has written him a letter.

Utapri Natsuki

Utapri Natsuki

Utapri Natsuki

Utapri Natsuki

In episode one, Natsuki is first seen reading a cook book, his attention being drawn to Haruka as she thanks Otoya for helping her on the day of the entrance exam. Entranced by how cute she looks, Natsuki is suddenly reminded of his dog, Elizabeth, and he charges towards Haruka, lunging at her to tackle her in a hug.

Utapri Natsuki

Natsuki Shinomiya (四ノ宮 那月 Shinomiya Natsuki) is a student of Saotome Gakuen from Class A, as well as a of the group idol ST☆RISH. He is voiced by Kishou Taniyama (谷山 紀章 Taniyama Kishou). 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Plot Game Anime Manga 5 Song Chronology 6 Gallery 7 Trivia Natsuki is a tall young man with blond hair that is wavy with one lock.

Utapri Natsuki

Utapri Natsuki

Utapri Natsuki

Utapri Natsuki

Utapri Natsuki

Natsuki is the first to share his opinions at having ST☆RISH nominated for the Utapri Award. He tells them that it's like a dream come true and is very honoured. When they are introduced to Raging Otori, Natsuki and ST☆RISH are shown to have serious glances as Raging Otori is .

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