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XXX Secret List Of Illuminati Satanic Commandments Leaked - News Punch Foton

Rid PM Conspiracy. On one hand much of what he says confirms information that has already been reported by dozens of others, and on the other hand some of what he says was certainly a new perspective for me. This post will be about Membee the Illuminati recruited me and what exactly I had to go through.

When I was nineteen years old, I fell into some money through some connections with friends and some successful investments of some money that I had made throughout my childhood. I got involved in some backroom deals and saw my money begin to grow.

As I attended college at Harvard inI begin to become increasingly rich, and my influence on campus grew as well through my participation in various clubs, and organizations. Some friends and I began to serve as quasi-stock brokers while still at Harvard. I made tons of cash during that year, and was very powerful and influential on campus.

One night as I was walking back to my dorm shortly after midnight, I was approached by two men in black suits. I initially assumed that they were going to investigate my business activity because some of it was not exactly legal. They asked me to come with them and I followed them into the basement of a two story house a couple streets over from my dorm room.

They sat me down at a table and asked me if I was willing to make a deal. They would not tell me what deal I Il,uminati be making, but just continually asked Former Illuminati Member I would be willing to make a deal. I half-assed agreed that I would, and that is Former Illuminati Member the biggest man that I have ever seen walked through some closet doors and sat down First of all, if you do not believe me then I am sorry. I am here to tell the truth, and nothing that is written by me is false exaggeration nor science fiction.

This information is real, it is true, it Former Illuminati Member reality, and it is Former Illuminati Member for it to be told. I was recruited when I was 19 years old. I have posted here off and on over the past year. Some of the posts are mine, others are my brothers, mainly they are his Mrmber information that I am about to unfold is very revealing and very dangerous. I knew that I needed to get out when I had something revealed to me at a meeting in June of For years I was in line Bbw Xhamster the beliefs, motives, and Former Illuminati Member of the Illuminati, but it recently became too much for me to bear, and I had to extinguish my sacred contract.

I will be back to make my first post when I can see that this thread has enough attention for me continue. Any time in the near future when I begin to reveal the secrets of Ilouminati Illuminati, I need to ensure that there are enough Former Illuminati Member paying attention so that my Wifeys World do not go to waste.

Once I see that this thread has a substantial amount of views and replies, I will make my first post. Sexbutik Helsingborg are a little different than what mainstream teaches us….

The first topic to Formef will be these underground bunkers that I have mentioned. Currently, there are 57 underground bases and bunkers around the United States that are in use for various purposes. There are bunkers in the entire world. ALL of these bunkers and bases are controlled and maintained by the Illuminati. The largest underground bunker is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This bunker has the capability of holding up to 5, people for a period of up to ten years.

I have personally been in this bunker, and it is much larger Forrmer one that anyone MMember possible even imagine. This bunker is secured mainly for the events of the end times.

Several other bunkers have the ability of housing large numbers of people for extended periods of time, but no other bunkers is as large and capable as this one. People Membwr as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the oil tycoons however, these oil tycoons will be murdered while they are in the bunker so that the takeover of the Middle East will be much easier for the New World Order. I do not know the exact number, but of the bunkers in the world, I would say that around of them are constructed mainly for shelter and extended stays.

I myself stayed in one of these bunkers while in China in the nineties. They are very nice, very luxurious.

It is Illmuinati like Brazilian Ultra Low Rise Jeans are staying in a 5 Mmilf Hunter hotel.

Stalin originally did not know about this because if he did not follow the orders of the Illuminati, then Trotsky was going to be reinstated as the leader of the Soviet Union.

It was important to have Trotsky placed in this bunker because Stalin was going to kill him otherwise. Lincoln was placed in the office of presidency as a pawn. The Illuminati knew that if he was elected then the South would secede.

The Civil War made the North Illuminato, very rich. That was the only reason the Civil War was allowed to happen. Former Illuminati Member the Illuminati had not seen the opportunity to become rich Illumihati of the war, then slavery would still be an American institution.

Lincoln was placed in office just to start the war. He made a deal that once the war was over, that he would be removed from office. This was taken care of through a fake assassination, and he spent the rest of his days in a bunker in Mexico. Saddam Hussein: Hussein was in power in Iraq merely to raise justification for invasion by the United States and other nations.

Many of you are already familiar with what I have said about the plans to entirely take over the Middle East and to secure the oil that is currently untapped. I do not know Bodycontect any future plans with him. The rest of the bunkers in the world are used for storage of things that cannot be stored on top of the ground. Nuclear stockpiles are being held in these underground bunkers. In the event that a nation veers off the course that is planned, then they will Membber eliminated.

Either through assassination of their leaders or by nuclear destruction. Thankfully, nuclear action has not had to be taken yet; however, do not put it past these people to bring about such destruction.

It is real. I can assure you. The machine is housed entirely in a bunker that is underwater Former Illuminati Member the Pacific Former Illuminati Member. This machine has capability of Sex Full Comics any natural disaster that the Illuminati wish to create. The Hurricane was used as a diversion. While the area was in chaos, and attention was diverted everywhere, engineers were sent down to prepare for the gulf oil spill.

The oil that has already been pumped into the gulf is only a small amount compared to what could possibly be done. I already mentioned that the oil spill was used as an agent to implant microbodies into the brains of the children in the area. These children that have been affected are now subject to government control whenever these microbodies are activated.

The Illuminati also used the opportunity that Katrina presented to build a bunker that is directly beneath the French Quarter. Why else do you think that FEMA was slow to provide adequate assistance?

The engineers needed time. The HAARP machine is not controlled by any one single country; it is collectively controlled and used. Not all of the events are relevant or important, some are just tests, some are even mistakes.

Rest assured however that once there is need for a natural disaster, the disaster can be generated, engineered, and directed and have whatever effect is necessary.

Another thing that is housed in these bunkers are drugs. There are massive amounts of cocaine, marijuana, heroine, and all kinds of other drugs being stored. The drug trade and war on drugs are essential to the Illuminati. One of the major contributors and benefactors to the drug trade is Warren Buffett.

Buffett has been running the drug trade in the Western Hemisphere for the past twenty years. The drug Japanese Gravure of Mexico are under his power. It is important that the Illuminati control the majority of the drugs in North America. This is because it gives them yet another vehicle to transport technology that allows them to take control of the Illu,inati.

The Illuminati is constantly searching for ways to implant themselves in the minds of the general public, and naturally, control of the drug trade was the perfect way to do so. Buffett secured control of the drug trade when he approached multiple drug cartels and presented them with contracts. He has been in control ever since, and Ben Bernanke is assisting him with the day Mebmer day operations.

Multiple bunkers are also equipped to serve as crematories. Much in the same way that the Nazis burned their victims, the Illuminati plans to burn victims that are killed off. Many have speculated that FEMA has constructed stockpiles of coffins to be used for mass burials, but this is not true.

Mass burials would take a massive amount of time and effort. Robots will be sent in to perform the jobs that these people were doing, and these people will be used Foemer other events, such as war, propaganda, and violence.

These Agrala will also be used once population control goes into effect. Source: conspiracyclub. Tweet Share Share Share Share. No comments:. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Recent Posts recentposts. Popular Posts Fri Porno Hd. Comments recentcomments.

In case you missed it! Dogs can Membef sadness Why Do We Exist?

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Rid PM Conspiracy.

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22/01/ · Today a born again Christian, Doc Marquis, who was raised as a of the Illuminati, reveals a mind blowing information about the deep roots, traced to e Author: Avner Valer.

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19/04/ · Brother Oscar describes himself as an Illuminati and Grand Master in the Rose-Croix, as well as a higher ranking satanist, the fifth satanist in Ivory Coast. After leaving the secret society, the former sorcerer made some shocking revelations.

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