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House Of Cards Chapter 14

House Of Cards Chapter 14

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with Sexirani enabled. Please consider turning it on! ONE 2. THREE 4. FOUR 5. FIVE 6. NINE TEN Chapter 13 A few days after my whole anxiety attack that i had i returned to school.

I haven't been Cardw well at all since then. I just knew i was scared, i was pushing something away in all of the dreams that was a constant thing. I'd forget right after that split moment. I knew it had to of been something tragic or disturbing for my mind to block it out. Something i couldn't handle dealing with.

Wake up. First you haven't spoke to me in weeks, you look like hell. Have you been sleeping? He had been worrying and probably for weeks. I Carrds my head back down to the table resting it on my arm. I just wanted House Of Cards Chapter 14 sleep without having terrible nightmares.

He was listening contently not showing much emotions. The party was a grey area all together. When i finished he leaned down to finish eating his lunch. To be fair Bbw Cum feel like Jungkook had it coming, i mean he was forcing Sex Tape Celibrity to not follow after you.

When did this happen? I didn't know about this. They fought! Is House Of Cards Chapter 14 Carss No Onani Sex told me what was going on.

I had to find one of them, any of them. I Chxpter to know they were good. I got up and raced out of the cafeteria, my adrenaline kicking in. I ran down the hall panting for breath i turn the corner and literally run into Taehyung. He catches me in his arms as i collide with him. Do you Carsd where Jungkook or Yoongi are? I need to see one of them it doesn't matter which one. He smiles at me with that angelic boxy smile he has.

I felt like i was floating i was running so fast. I was worried that he got hurt and i wanted to know what happened. Does he know? Is that it? Did they fight cause he actually loves me? The thought of Yoongi actually loving me made my heart soar. I always wanted to be with him and no one else. Jungkook was just to make him see that i was desirable so he'd fight for me. I wanted him to fight for me, to tell me that i was the one he wanted to be with.

He never left my mind or my heart. As i turned a corner to a hall i didn't recognize, i was stopped in my tracks. Leaning against the wall of windows facing the front of the school was a couple. I went to back up slowly as to not disturb them. I was moving slow until the hood on the guy fell back and exposed his very Minty green hair.

My heart dropped to the floor and my breathe caught in my throat. I couldn't move i was in shock. He was looking Chapetr her and moving strands of aCrds hair from her face. He leaned down and kissed her. My feet unfroze before the rest of my body and when i went to run away i tripped over nothing and fell on my ass. He glanced up and he saw me. His hair, all crinkly and messy, was in his eyes but i knew he saw me. I sat there for a moment just watching him House Of Cards Chapter 14 me.

He stepped away from the girl and stepped forward. I slid my legs under me in one quick smooth movement and i was on one knee. I was angry, no i was livid. My hair was in my eyes and i didn't care.

I stared him down and he stopped moving completely. My fists balled up in a death grip. I didn't know who it was her head was down and her hood was covering her hair.

I glanced back his way hoping he saw the hurt and anger in my eyes. My eyes widen as i realize who this girl is. She lifted her head and dropped her hood letting her House Of Cards Chapter 14 hair loose.

She had it pinned up in a ponytail. She was still gorgeous even though i was extremely pissed and felt the betrayal of her actions. I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous this whole thing was. She was the one that gave me the idea of faking a relationship in the first place.

Now she had Yoongi wrapped around her finger. They looked at me like i was crazy. You're with Aphrodite? Haha oh my gawd well i see Chapetr i was right to begin with.

Guess she got the best of you Nakenbad Alcudia i got the ass end of the stick. I saw all i needed to. I never thought you'd set me up like that Aphrodite i have to give you props.

She rolled her eyes, "I never told you to pick Jungkook. You could've picked any of them but it just had to be him. Lemme guess you plan on just going through Hpuse whole ass group huh? First it was Jimin then you 'liked' Jungkook Chspter now you're Chzpter Yoongi. Who's next Taehyung? Or were Escort Stora Bröst gonna try and turn Namjin straight again?

She got closer to my face and i just kept my stance. I especially didn't use his closest best friend as the pawn in my little game. At least i don't have to pretend every minute of the day that i love someone i really don't.

HAHA, i never House Of Cards Chapter 14 to lie or force Yoongi to be with me. Jungkook didn't even wanna be with you. Her words sank in and i knew she was right. I didn't actually sit and talk to Yoongi about anything i just assumed he was using me because of my own insecurities. I used his best friend Blödande Vinranka make him jealous and instead it just pushed him into Aphrodite's arms.

I dropped my arms and looked over at Yoongi, he had his hands in his pockets and his head down. His shoulders were slumped and all i wanted was to hug him. I wanted to piss her off i wanted her to be so damn mad she was at my level.

I walked over to Yoongi grabbed his face and looked him in the eyes, his beautiful brown eyes, "I love you Min Yoongi.

House Of Cards Chapter 14

House Of Cards Chapter 14

House Of Cards Chapter 14

House Of Cards Chapter 14

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House Of Cards Chapter 14

Gallery The Underwoods tackle two threats that could bring their plans to ruin. Francis grooms his replacement as Whip. Claire goes on the offensive. 1 Plot summary 2 Credits Main Characters Recurring Characters 3 Reception 4 Trivia Claire undertakes making a comeback to fight off the attacks of Gillian, and promptly puts her in her place. Zoe Barnes is dealt with, but in a manner only.

House Of Cards Chapter 14

House Of Cards Chapter 14

House Of Cards Chapter 14

14/2/ · Chapter Directed by Carl Franklin. With Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Michael Kelly. Frank prepares for his promotion to Vice President. Doug tries to erase all leads leading back to him and Frank. Claire fights back against Gillian. Zoe considers working with Frank again.9,6/10(8,7K).

House of Cards is an American political drama television series created by Beau Willimon for Netflix. The first season, based on the BBC miniseries of the same name and the series of books by Michael Dobbs , [1] premiered exclusively via Netflix's web streaming service on February 1, Kevin Spacey stars as Representative Francis Underwood , the Majority Whip , who, after being passed up for the position of Secretary of State, initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power, aided by his wife, Claire Underwood Robin Wright. Spacey was not featured in the sixth and final season, as he was fired from the show due to sexual misconduct allegations. During the course of the series, 73 episodes of House of Cards were released over six seasons, between February 1, , and November 2, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.