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Clabber is a four-player trick-taking card game played in southwestern Indiana near Evansville. The game is a four player variation similar to that of klaberjass. The game also plays similar to Euchrewith a few differences being that points are not awarded based on the number of tricks taken, but rather on the actual point value of cards in those tricks.

Clabber also doesn't use a left Bower, as does Euchre ; other differences are that players don't use Biddinginstead, the trump makers must score at least eighty-two points to keep from "going set", where Clabbert don't score any of their points.

Additional points can also be scored for a combination of cards in a hand, which would assist in "making it", or, not going set. The origin of the game, as played in Evansville, and surrounding areas, has not yet been established with any certainty. Some lend its beginnings with the European game Klaberjass, while others have said it was brought to the Evansville Ohio River banks by African-American steamboat workers.

Clabber, as played locally, dates back to at leastwhen several articles were printed in the local newspaper referring to private games. One such article referred to it as "a negro card game". Clabber is played by four players in fixed partnerships with partners sitting opposite each other.

Cards are dealt, from left to right or clockwiseto opponent then partner, opponent to dealer. The deck consist of 24 of the standard 52 playing card deck: ace, king, queen, jack, ten, and nine of each of the suits. The card ranks from high to Bela Bunda, and their values are as follows:. The team that takes the last trick scores an extra 10 points, so that, without melds, there are a total of possible points. In the trump suit the Jack and Nine move from the lowest rank to the highest rank, and are the only cards to change in point value.

A meld is a scoring combination of cards in the hand of a player. The rank and point values of possible melds are:. The deck is shuffled by the dealer, and offered to the player to the right who must cut the deck with at least four cards in each stack. The dealer then deals all the cards clockwise, one at a time, with every player receiving six cards.

The last Ytmk, which is part of the dealer's hand, is turned face up in front of the dealer.

After the hand has been played, the turn to deal passes to the left. Declaring trump is the part of the game that determines the trump suit. A player must have at least one card of a suit to declare a suit trump. There are two rounds of declaring in clabber. The first round begins with the player to the left of the dealer and proceeds clockwise.

Each player declares whether to "play" or "pass" the suit of the dealer's face up card as the trump suit. As soon a player says "play", the suit of the dealer's up-card becomes trump, and the Clabbert are played. If all four players pass in the first round, the dealer picks up the face up card and there is Clabbert second round, also beginning with the player to the dealers left and moving clockwise. In this round, the trump suit may be chosen from any of the three suits that were not the suit passed in the first round of bidding.

If all four players pass again, then the cards are not played and no points are scored for that hand and the dealer must deal again the deal does not pass to the next player in this case. The player to the dealer's left leads to the first trick. Rules dictate what cards may be played on a trick. The first, or lead, card, may be any card in the leader's hand. The basic rules of play are as follows:.

Each trick is won by the highest trump played to it, or, if it contains no trumps, by the highest card of the suit led. The team winning the trick collects the four cards and turns them over to be counted later. The player who won the previous trick then leads the first card of Carrie Moon next trick.

This is repeated until all six tricks have been played. During the first trick, players announce melds, scoring combinations of cards that they hold. The team with the highest ranking meld scores all their melds, while the other team scores nothing for melds. The rank and point values for melds are listed above. Among sequences of equal length, the one with higher cards wins; if the rank of the cards is also equal, a trump sequence beats a non-trump sequence. If both teams have a sequence of equal rank and length in non-trump suits as their highest meld, neither team scores for meld on that deal.

Female Vocal Drum And Bass order to score any meld, the player must announce it just before playing a card to the first trick. If the player does not announce the meld before playing the first trick, or show the meld before playing the Clabbert, the meld is not scored. Belle king and queen of trump is treated differently from other melds.

If a player holds belle, it can always be scored, Clabbert of any other meld announced and scored by either team. Belle is announced when the second part of it is played, or when shown in a meld. Cards of a belle can also be used in another scoring meld - for example a player holding K-Q-J of trumps can score 40 points for "dad 'a' belle" provided that the dad is not beaten.

In this particular case, the belle is announced when the dad is scored, because the holder must show both cards of the belle in order to score the dad; if the belle cards are Clabbert used in meld, the belle is announced when the second part of the belle is played. At the end of the play, each team totals the value of the cards in the tricks that they won, plus any score for melds or belle. The team that takes the last trick scores an extra 10 points.

If the scores are equal, or if the team that made trumps have fewer points than their opponents, the trump Worlds Most Beautiful Breasts team scores zero points, written as "XX" on the score sheet and known as a "hick", a. In this case the team that made trump is said to be "set" or "hicked". If the trump makers' opponents score no points, their zero is written on the score sheet as line "-".

Infractions of the rules of declaring, melding, and play are known as reneges. In case of a renege, the play ends, and the Honda Cbr600rr Stunt Bike of the team that reneged score points plus meld. If both teams renege in one hand, the hand is not scored and must be re-dealt by the same dealer.

Reneges must be called before the last trick has been turned over. Possible reneges are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Clabber disambiguation.

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Clabber is a four-player trick-taking card game played in southwestern Indiana near Evansville.


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 · Clabbert. A Clabbert is an arboreal creature resembling a cross between a monkey and a frog (FB). Native to the Southern United States, but exported abroad (FB). It has mottled green smooth skin, short horns, and a wide mouth. Long arms and webbed hands and feet allow it to move gracefully through the trees (FB).Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

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