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Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

Porr Gustavsberg Eldorado Pastell ボウル 21×14cm イエロー - ヴィンテージ北欧食器・北欧雑貨 Karahe Bilder

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Although in some instances damage or restoration is noted, generally imperfections are not stated and prospective buyers must satisfy themselves on the condition and accuracy of Gustavsberg Pastell of each lot prior to bidding and to act Gustavsberg Pastell their Gustavsberg Pastell judgment. In particular: Pictures, bronzes etc: Only descriptions commencing with the forename s and surname of the artist are in our opinion the work of that particular artist.

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Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

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Gustavsberg Pastell

31/10/ · Wilhelm - A Gustavsberg 'Eldorado Pastell' yellow glazed oblong bowl and another raised scroll end bowl. Auction Details Modern Design. Sale Date(s) 31 Oct GMT Venue Address. Diss Auction Rooms Roydon Road.

Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Pastell

Gustavsberg Eldorado – Wilhelm This beautiful and elegant stoneware dinnerware is Gustavsberg “Eldorado”. It is a design by Wilhelm (bd) for Gustavsberg, designed in by Wilhelm and in production much later from (post the retirement of.

We use cookies to provide and improve our services. By using our site, you consent to cookies. See item details. In Modern Design. We are pleased to recommend successful bidders to Mailboxes Etc. Where goods are intended for shipping, it is the buyers responsibility to ascertain if any specific licences are required. If the item is to be immediately exported outside the E.

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