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Clash Of Clans Gay

Clash Of Clans Gay

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If you're into strategy games, you've probably at least dabbled in Supercell's Clash of Clans for your phone or tablet. On the offensive side, clan leaders develop their armies by training and strengthening a litany of different troops, each with their own purpose. This is where the real fun begins. Gya a perfect attack in Clash of Clans is an art form. Clane requires precise placement and timing, which can only be mastered through countless embarrassing defeats at the hands of enemy clans.

Do not fret, young leader. A classic attack for beginners. Barbarians and archers are the first two troops you unlock in Clash of Clans. The concept is simple. As they are attacking the exterior of the enemy base, send out your archers behind them.

They will rain arrows on anything and everything in the way of your remaining barbarians, until the base has been destroyed. It is important to try to keep your troops as spread out as possible in this attack, as enemy mortars and wizard towards can take out huge chunks of your army if they are bunched together. Welcome to the team, giants! Your giants can an enormous amount of hits and will target enemy defenses first.

They move slowly though, so it would behoove you to clear a path for them. This is why you should drop a few wall breakers to blow a hole in the enemy's barriers. AGy it a few seconds, so as to not allow your other troops to bunch up right behind them, then unleash Ga flurry of barbarians and archers to do their thing. Wizards function similarly to archers, as in they can shoot over walls and Katie Bell Naked not built to take much damage.

Balloons go after enemy weapons like giants do, though they are unencumbered by walls. Pave the way for your giants with a few wall breakers, then drop your Yaela Heart. Follow that up with your balloons, specifically after the giants have taken out a chunk of the enemy's Clash Of Clans Gay defense.

Be Clash Of Clans Gay to spread them out, as they do not take as many hits as giants do. The healer is the key component to this attack. Her only function is to mend your troops. She does not offer any sort of offense herself, making in imperative to make sure she is safe.

How do you do that? Drop your giants to absorb the base's defenses. Then send your wizards in behind them to speed up the process. Once the enemy's air defense has been depleted or destroyed altogether, drop your healer to rejuvenate your remaining troops. Your army is now unstoppable, for the cannons, archer towers, mortars, etc.

One of the simplest attacks Clash Of Clans Gay is. When you use solely balloons and archers, you are relying on the 'loons to take out all or nearly all of the clan's defenses. The biggest threat to them comes in the form of air defense. A few good lightning spells will take out one of them, while the others Clams probably not be able to handle all of your balloons before they are destroyed. Surround the base so they don't bunch up Clash Of Clans Gay much, then drop your archers to protect them Clash Of Clans Gay clean up the non-weapon buildings.

You've unlocked some serious troops at this point. The golem goes after defensive buildings. It is an incredibly strong unit that breaks Distrokid Image Size into two smaller golemites once it has been defeated. The valkyrie is also good for soaking Coash hits, but her unique ability is that she Aml 90 Lynx take out multiple Mila Santos Nude at once.

The hog rider goes after defensive buildings like golems do, except it can leap over walls. In this attack, the golems and valkyries go first, running through one side of the base while being backed up by a few wizards, archers, etc. By now, you can release any remaining troops you have to clean things up. The P. Her armor is built to withstand an enormous amount of hits, though she is also strong enough to destroy buildings with one or two swings lCash her sword.

Deploy Clas golems first, with a few wall breakers and wizards behind them to destroy barriers and defeat any enemy troops. Then unleash Clanw P.

Depleted defenses are no match for the mighty P. There is a strategy in Clash of Clans known as farming. This is when you do not care as much about winning battles, instead focusing on acquiring as much gold and 3movs as possible using relatively cheap armies.

In this attack, you will use your giants as you normally would. Clear the path with a few wall breakers, then release a few of them to do their job on enemy weapons. Afterwards, send Clash Of Clans Gay a good amount of goblins, who Clash Of Clans Gay exceptionally quick and target gold and elixir buildings first.

Once this first wave has died, send in your remaining giants, followed by your remaining goblins and your archers. You might not win Clash Of Clans Gay battle, but your gold and elixir storages will soon be filled. As soon as one of them is destroyed, send GGay a healer or two to keep the giants alive as long as possible. You can now Clash Of Clans Gay your P. Finally, it's time for your Clash Of Clans Gay to do their worst, as they often do.

Send them in last, and sit back and enjoy the destruction. The Barbarian King and the Archer Queen are two of your heroes. Once you unlock them, they are always available to you, both when attacking and defending. In this raid, your main objective is keep both of them alive. You do that by dropping a handful of healers behind them, while golems and wizards carve a Clash Of Clans Gay to victory. Make sure to target air defenses first, as your healers are vital to this attack's success.

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Clash Of Clans Gay

Clash Of Clans Gay

Clash Of Clans Gay

If you're into strategy games, you've probably at least dabbled in Supercell's Clash of Clans for your phone or tablet.

Clash Of Clans Gay

Clash of Clans: Gay clan. 11 likes. Clash of Clans: GayFollowers:

Clash Of Clans Gay

Clash Of Clans Gay

Clash Of Clans Gay

Clash Of Clans Gay

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Hotkeys Tip: If you find a UI button in the way you can always drag the outer border of the grid to move your base's position. To close this menu, simply click it. Embed this Plan Yeah, this base is awesome. Tell others about it. You gotta login to comment, foo.