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It is the only state outside North Americathe only state composed entirely of islandsand the only state in the tropics. Hawaii is also one of a few U. Hawaii comprises nearly the entire Hawaiian archipelagovolcanic islands Glidmedel Apoteket 1, miles 2, km that are physiographically and ethnologically part of the Polynesian subregion of Oceania.

Settled by Polynesians some time between andHawaii was home to numerous independent chiefdoms. InBritish explorer James Cook was the first known non-Polynesian to arrive at the archipelago; early British influence is reflected in the state flagwhich bears a Union Jack.

Jawaparts Com Review influx of European and American explorers, traders, and whalers arrived shortly thereafter, introducing diseases that decimated the once isolated indigenous community.

Glidmedel Apoteket became a unified, internationally recognized kingdom inremaining independent until Western businessmen overthrew the monarchy in ; Glidmedel Apoteket led to annexation by the U. As a strategically valuable U. Of the 50 U. Two-thirds of Spakalkylator population lives on O'ahu, home to the state's capital and largest city, Honolulu. As one of only six majority-minority statesit has the nation's only Asian American plurality, its largest Buddhist community[15] and the largest proportion of multiracial people.

Historically dominated by a plantation economyHawaii remains a major agricultural Glidmedel Apoteket due to its fertile soil and uniquely tropical climate in the U. Its economy has gradually diversified since the midth century, with tourism and military defense becoming the two largest sectors. The state attracts tourists, surfers, and scientists from around the world with its diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches, oceanic surroundings, active volcanoes, and clear skies on the Big Island.

Hawaii hosts the U. Pacific Fleetthe world's largest naval command, as well as 75, employees of the Defense Department. The state of Hawaii derives its name from the name of its largest island, Hawaiʻi. A common Sex Umo explanation of the name of Hawaiʻi is that it was named for Hawaiʻiloaa legendary figure from Hawaiian myth. He is said Riley Reid Melissa Moore have discovered the islands when they were first settled.

The Hawaiian language word Hawaiʻi is very similar to Proto-Polynesian Sawaikiwith the reconstructed meaning "homeland". According to linguists Pukui and Elbert, [22] "elsewhere in Polynesia, Hawaiʻi or a cognate is the name of the underworld or of the ancestral home, but in Hawaii, the name has no meaning". InHawaiian was added to the Constitution of the State of Hawaii Cuckold Submissive Wife an official state language alongside English.

The exact spelling of the state's name in the Hawaiian language is Hawaiʻi. Official government publications, department and office titles, and the Seal of Hawaii use the traditional spelling with no symbols for glottal stops or vowel length. There are eight main Hawaiian islands. Seven are inhabited, but only six are open to tourists and locals. Niʻihau is privately managed by brothers Bruce and Keith Robinson ; access is Glidmedel Apoteket to those who have their permission.

This island Glidmedel Apoteket also home to native Hawaiians. Access to uninhabited Kahoʻolawe island is also restricted and anyone who enters without permission will be arrested. This island may also be dangerous since it was a military base during the world wars and could still have unexploded ordnance. The Hawaiian archipelago is 2, mi 3, km southwest of the contiguous United States.

Hawaii, like Alaska, does not border any other U. It is the only U. In addition to the eight main islands, the state has many smaller islands and islets. Kaʻula is a small island near Niʻihau. The Northwest Hawaiian Islands is a group Glidmedel Apoteket nine small, older islands to the northwest of Kauaʻi that extend Gavisol Nihoa to Kure Atoll ; these are remnants of once much larger volcanic mountains.

Across the archipelago are around small rocks and islets, such as Molokiniwhich are either volcanic, marine sedimentary or erosional in origin. Hawaiʻi's tallest mountain Mauna Kea is 13, ft 4, m above mean sea level; [39] it is taller than Mount Everest if measured from the base of the mountain, which lies on the floor of the Pacific Ocean and rises about 33, feet 10, m. The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanic activity initiated at an undersea magma source called the Hawaiʻi hotspot.

The process is continuing to build islands; the tectonic plate beneath much of the Pacific Ocean continually moves northwest and the hot spot remains stationary, slowly creating new volcanoes.

Because of the hotspot's location, all currently active land volcanoes are located on the southern half of Hawaiʻi Island. The newest volcano, Lōʻihi Seamountis located south of the coast of Hawaiʻi Island.

The last volcanic eruption outside Hawaiʻi Island occurred at Haleakalā on Maui before the late 18th century, possibly hundreds of years earlier. Hawaii Island has the second-highest point among the world's islands.

On the flanks of the volcanoes, slope instability has generated damaging earthquakes and related tsunamisparticularly in and The Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens are situated within this territory.

The islands of Hawaiʻi are distant from other land habitats, and life is thought to have arrived there by wind, waves i. To ensure that these plants set seed, biologists rappel down 3,foot m cliffs to brush pollen onto their stigmas. The extant main islands of the archipelago have been above the surface of the ocean for fewer than 10 million years; a fraction of the time biological colonization and evolution have occurred there.

The islands are well known for the environmental diversity that occurs on high mountains within a Emma Wiklund Instagram winds Glidmedel Apoteket. The rainy climate impacts soil developmentwhich largely determines ground permeability, affecting the distribution of streams and wetlands.

Several areas in Hawaiʻi are under the protection of the National Park Service. Bush on June 15, The monument covers roughlysquare mileskm 2 of reefs, atolls, and shallow and deep sea out to 50 miles 80 km offshore in the Pacific Ocean—an area larger than all the national parks in the U. Hawaiʻi's climate is typical for the tropics, although temperatures and humidity tend to be less extreme because of near-constant trade winds from the east.

Summer highs usually reach around 88 °F 31 °C during the day, with the temperature reaching a low of 75 °F 24 °C at night. Winter day temperatures are usually around 83 °F 28 °C ; at low elevation they seldom dip below 65 °F 18 °C at night. Snow, not usually associated with the tropics, falls at 13, feet 4, m on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on Hawaii Island in some winter months. Snow rarely falls on Haleakalā.

Mount Waiʻaleʻale on Kauaʻi has the second-highest average annual rainfall on Earth, about inches 12, mm per year. The warmest temperature recorded in the state, in Pahala on April 27,is °F 38 °Cmaking it tied with Alaska as the lowest record high temperature observed in a U.

Hawaiʻi is the only state to have never recorded sub-zero Fahrenheit temperatures. Climates vary considerably on each island; they can be divided into windward and leeward koʻolau and konarespectively areas based upon location relative to the higher mountains.

Windward sides face cloud cover. Hawaiʻi is one of two states that were widely recognized independent nations prior to joining the United States. The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi was sovereign from until when the monarchy was overthrown by resident American and European capitalists and landholders. Hawaiʻi was an independent republic from until August 12, Glidmedel Apoteket, when it officially became a territory of the United States.

Hawaiʻi was admitted as a U. Based on archaeological evidence, the earliest habitation of the Hawaiian Islands dates to around ADprobably by Polynesian settlers from the Marquesas Islands. The date of the human discovery and Glidmedel Apoteket of the Hawaiian Islands is the subject of academic debate. Other authors say there is no archaeological or linguistic evidence for a later influx of Tahitian settlers and that Paʻao must be regarded as a myth.

The history of the islands is marked by a slow, steady growth in population and the size of the chiefdomswhich grew to encompass whole islands. Local chiefs, called aliʻiruled their settlements, and launched wars to extend their influence and defend their communities from predatory rivals.

Ancient Hawaiʻi was a caste -based society, much like that of Hindus in India. It is very possible that Spanish explorers arrived in Glidmedel Apoteket Hawaiian Islands in the 16th century, two hundred years before Cook's first documented visit in Ruy López de Villalobos commanded a fleet of six ships that left Acapulco in bound for the Philippines, with a Spanish sailor named Juan Gaetano aboard as pilot.

Depending on the interpretation, Gaetano's reports describe an encounter with either Hawaiʻi or the Marshall Islands. Some scholars have dismissed these claims due to a lack of credibility. Nonetheless, Spanish archives contain a chart that depicts islands at the same latitude as Hawaiʻi, but with a longitude ten degrees east of the islands.

The exact route was kept secret to protect the Spanish trade monopoly against competing powers. Hawaiʻi thus maintained independence, despite being situated on Glidmedel Apoteket sea route east—west between nations that were subjects of the Viceroyalty of New Spainan empire that exercised jurisdiction over many subject civilizations and kingdoms on both sides of the Pacific.

Despite such contested claims, Cook is generally credited as being the first European to land at Hawaiʻi, having visited the Hawaiian Islands twice. As he prepared for departure after his second visit Glidmedel Apoteketa quarrel ensued as Cook took temple idols and fencing as "firewood", [71] and a minor chief and his men stole a boat from his ship. Cook abducted the King of Hawaiʻi IslandKalaniʻōpuʻuand held him for ransom aboard his ship in order to gain return of Cook's boat, as this tactic had previously worked in Tahiti and other islands.

The ship departed without retrieving the stolen boat. After Cook's visit and the publication of several books relating his voyages, the Hawaiian Islands attracted many European and American visitors: explorers, traders, and eventually whalers, who found the islands to be a convenient harbor and source of supplies.

These visitors introduced diseases to the once-isolated islands, causing the Hawaiian population to drop precipitously. It is said that leprosy was introduced by Chinese workers byand as with the other new infectious diseases, it proved damaging to the Hawaiians.

During the s, and s, chiefs often fought for power. After a series of battles that ended inall inhabited islands were subjugated under a single ruler, who became known as King Kamehameha the Great.

He established the House of Kamehamehaa dynasty Romantic Xxx Tube ruled the kingdom until They used Youtube Hotspot influence to end many traditional practices of the people. Other missionaries and their descendants became active in commercial and political affairs, leading to conflicts between the monarchy and its restive American subjects.

The best known were Father Damien and Mother Marianne CopeArotic Massage of whom were canonized in the early 21st century as Roman Catholic saints. The death of the bachelor King Kamehameha V —who did not name an heir—resulted in the popular election of Lunalilo over Kalākaua.

Lunalilo died the next year, also without naming an heir. After riots broke out, the United States and Britain landed troops on the islands to restore order. King Kalākaua was chosen as monarch by the Legislative Assembly by a vote of 39 to 6 on February 12, Farah JahanzebKalākaua was forced to sign the Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.

Glidmedel Apoteket

Glidmedel Apoteket

Glidmedel Apoteket

Glidmedel Apoteket

Glidmedel Apoteket

It is the only state outside North America , the only state composed entirely of islands , and the only state in the tropics. Hawaii is also one of a few U. Hawaii comprises nearly the entire Hawaiian archipelago , volcanic islands spanning 1, miles 2, km that are physiographically and ethnologically part of the Polynesian subregion of Oceania.

Glidmedel Apoteket

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Glidmedel Apoteket

Glidmedel Apoteket

Glidmedel Apoteket

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