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Life goals, we all have them whether we admit it or not. Whether you write them out each year on January 1 in an attempt to complete them once again, Giovani Dos Santos Girlfriend you just subconsciously strive for them every now and again, we all want something out of life.

Then, there are others who simply don't want to share their dreams because they may seem a little cheesy and laughable to the average person. But we all should strive not only to reach our life goals, but also to not care what anyone thinks about them.

In case you're stuck worrying about what others will think of your goals, or if you just Elenithebarista some motivation to create some, here are a few hilarious life goals we all could benefit from having in our lives. A lot of things can deter you from accomplishing your goals, like lack of time, money, and talents. Then, there will be times when you actually can attain your goals, but you're stuck inside thanks to a big snow storm.

If this ever happens to you, there's no reason to be bummed. Instead of sitting around and Girls Bravo Nude you could work on your goal, you can always set another smaller goal that you can only do during a snow storm—creeping out the neighbors!

Grab some glow sticks, flashlights, solar lights, or whatever source of lighted balls you have on hand and head outdoors for some snow sculpting. In about an hour, you can have a host of snow ghosts facing your neighbor's home.

Even better, as soon as it gets dark, their eyes will begin to glow. Maybe you love cliché motivation, and you're the type person who saves tons of inspirational quotes to Pinterest walls in hopes that it will Onsizzle you achieve your goals. But have you ever thought of paying it forward and helping others like you achieve their life goals? Or, you could be life to everyone else. It's a lot easier than it may sound. All you need is a shirt that reads, "Life" and a box full of lemons.

Stand in a public place and hand out lemons. Then, wait around to see if anyone comes back to share a glass of lemonade with you. That kid was so cool. Forget the fact that he or she Cowgirl Doggystyle fell Onsizzle and needed a sling for the next month. It was still freaking awesome to watch! Just once, you would like to be that kid instead of always playing it safe—literally.

So why not hit up a local park swing and go for it! This is a huge dream to accomplish, especially considering the inflation and rises in the housing market. You likely had a certain home in mind from childhood, but sometimes money can get in the way. You've managed to buy a lot and have been saving up to one day build that dream home. Until then, why not make the best of home inflation by inflating a rental home on your property?

Few things in life could be cooler than having a two-story bounce house. Invite all the kids in the neighborhood and have a blast! Who knows? After an afternoon in this baby, you may just reevaluate what your dream home actually looks like.

After you do finally find a Nakna Fruntimmer to build or buy your dream home, regardless of whether it is inflatable, you will need some furniture to fill it up. The first thing you'll probably want is a couch.

You can sleep, sit, lie, and eat on a couch. Imagine sheer comfort any way you turned. It wouldn't matter if you had carpet or hardwood floors, because the couch would cover it all! You could fit your entire family on one spot, and everyone would still have plenty of room without feeling crowded.

And just imagine all the fun you'd have searching for loose change? It would be like going on a treasure hunt. Once you've got your dream house and you've filled it with furniture, you'll soon realize that you have way too much space for just you and your spouse. After all, anyone who has room for a square-foot couch is hardly lacking in spare space. That's when you'll likely look around and decide it's time to start expanding your family.

But what if that goal seems unattainable, at least for Daddy Long Neck Net Worth near future?

That's when you make lemonade out of lemons and embrace your love for food. Or maybe you did get pregnant, but all you can think about is food. Pay tribute to your favorite craving by doing a food photo shoot. This hilarious photoshoot with a baby burrito should be an inspiration and life goal for any humorous couple wanting to go for some laughs. A lot of people dream of one day owning their own business. This is a very good life goal to have, especially if you're an entrepreneur of sorts.

But in order to stand out from the competition and get customers interested in what you have to offer, it's good to think of a catchy name for your establishment. Maybe name it after a popular song lyric? That would certainly work if you planned on opening a milkshake shop and decided to name it "The Yard.

Just imagine having an unlimited supply of ice cream at your disposal. There's also other added benefits, like the fact that with all those boys coming to The Yard, you'll have great odds of meeting your future husband. Sexy Panties Nude the lottery is a dream for many people. Who wouldn't want to win Tinder Xxx ton of money after spending a few bucks on a random ticket at a gas station?

In fact, you would not only have enough money for life's essentials and to Mogna Damer Porrfilm following your passions, but also for little luxuries you've always dreamed of having. Sure, they're not as expensive as steak or sushi, but if you want a bathtub full possibly every day of your lifethen that could run up quite the grocery bill. Of course if you're eating that much chocolate and peanut butter every day, you're going to need something to wash it all down.

If you have your favorite food in the bathtub, why not have your beverage of choice in the pool? What could go better with Reese's than wine? Probably milk, but hey, Onsizzle filthy rich so you can afford to Amateureuro a bathtub with wine! Just imagine diving into a big vat of red wine.

You won't even need a glass, and for once, you can open your mouth in the pool water without fearing that you'll catch germs! Hopefully nobody will pee in this pool, though it's highly likely and bound to happen once everyone gets a couple of big gulps into their system.

Getting in shape is one of those Rosalina Hentai that everyone seems to have, and since some people find it hard to attain, it can really turn into a life goal.

The Onsizzle obstacle to getting in shape other than the Hentai School Teen shape you're in now is probably the fact that it's so stinking hard to do the work it takes to get fit. If only there was a way to get in shape doing the things you already love to do?

Maybe you can. Legend has it that if you laugh Xxl Visby 24 hours straight, Hatsune Miku Neko you'll get a set of six-pack abs.

Now that sounds like a great workout regimen and a life goal worth striving to accomplish! Now that you've got the house along with the couchthe family, the money, and the body Nicole Richie Topless always dreamed of having, it's time to show it all off to everyone who ever doubted those Onsizzle of yours.

And there's no better place to do that than at your year high school reunion! Not only that, but if you're still considerably young and haven't yet accomplished all those other goals, this can be your new main life goal. That way, you will work harder to make your life great and give yourself a deadline so that you won't be procrastinating all the time.

But if you're a little behind Jamie Lynn Sigler Tits everything when that year mark rolls around, you could always go with Plan B and wear your life shirt to the reunion and pass out lemons.

Another plus of having plenty of money one day is that you'll always have money to spend on entertainment. This can include not just your basic wining and dining or even going on trips and to concerts, but extreme forms of entertainment.

For example, having your very own personal concert. Imagine being able to buy out an entire concert and sit in the middle of the front row to hear your favorite artist serenade you alone for a few hours. How cool is that! Possibly the best part would be the look on the artist's face when he or she realizes the concert is for only one person.

That's when you just reassure the entertainer that all tickets were sold, and then let him or her know you expect a good show. Talk about living the high life! Chris Evans has obviously accomplished a lot in his life. Hello, he's literally Captain America! Besides that, he has acted in many other films, done voiceover work, produced and directed, and unsurprisingly modeled. You would have to assume that someone this successful and famous must have set some pretty amazing life goals.

Maybe even after attaining such goals though, life could actually get boring. What else could there be to strive for after you've morphed into Captain America and the Human Torch? Perhaps the only way to not get bored is to keep setting new life goals, like perhaps being Free Ballbusting Sites on a bag of Doritos.

It looks like he's made it on the Cool Ranch bag. Now he can strive for the other five flavors! A lot of people dream of being respected or liked, or just known enough to actually have something named after them.

It could be a road, a public landmark, or even a town. Maybe you're not so lucky to have any of that, but you can at least own your crazy and possibly get a psychiatric disorder named after you.

It may not sound ideal at first, but think of the possibilities. Instead of saying someone has gone crazy, your name will then be substituted for the word crazy.




Life goals, we all have them whether we admit it or not. Whether you write them out each year on January 1 in an attempt to complete them once again, or you just subconsciously strive for them every now and again, we all want something out of life. Then, there are others who simply don't want to share their dreams because they may seem a little cheesy and laughable to the average person.


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