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Wonder Woman Kills Mera

Wonder Woman Kills Mera

Wonder Woman Kills Mera

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Her tools and weapons were all forged by gods and goddesses, rendering them and her practically indestructible. As princess of the Amazonians, she was raised a warrior and is known for her superior hand-to-hand combat skills. Her compassion for humanity has always been regarded as a strength rather than a weakness by her fans—and even her creator—William Moulton Marston.

While she often demonstrates remorse for her actions, even exiling herself to atone for her kills, her brutal acts even amid alternate timelines and warrior woman status have become cemented in modern iterations of the character. Ina story arc was introduced within the Wonder Woman comics which involved a virtual reanimator created by scientist and inventor, Julian Lazarus. Lazarus found a way to take a 2-D image and convert it into 3-D using complicated quantum physics, rendering a Bigbtits clone of the subject.

After things went horribly wrong of course and his son was killed, Dr. Lazarus stored his "data" in the machine and kept him entertained with videos of superheroes and villains.

Little did he know that his son would begin to revive dead supervillains through this machine, wreaking chaos across Gateway City. One such baddie was none other than the Superman-killing Doomsdaywho was already a force to be reckoned with Wonder Woman Kills Mera he Wonder Woman Kills Mera alive as we saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicebut was an even greater menace as a virtual clone.

As Wonder Woman and Champion battled him, Dr. As a result, the bony spurs on his body multiplied and Wonder Woman was able to smash him into a million pieces while wearing the Gauntlet of Atlas. His vendetta only worsened once his plan to take the throne from his father was foiled and Poseidon turned him into a demon of sorts.

Lucky for her, Poseidon blamed himself for not getting rid of Triton sooner, and he did not harm her for committing a murder in his domain.

Meanwhile, Batman encounters Elijah Snow, the man who killed his parents in this storyline, anyway. An offspring from the corrupt heart of Cain aka Vandal SavageGrendel was a demon that was spawned from the first murder in the world. However, the two later encountered each other on Earth, after Grendel had followed Wonder Woman through a portal she had created with the Rock of Eternity.

While investigating a creepy super prison, Wonder was captured and given to Grendel as a sacrifice. As much as he wanted to devour her whole, she managed to escape her bondage duh and save the day. Luckily, she escaped in time to also stop her fellow Amazonians from an honor killing after they were faced with the prospect of enslavement or war.

Never mess with an Amazon's freedom from the patriarchy. As Decay Gay Wrestling Porn to kill Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Kills Mera ravages the city of Boston and manages to steal the Amazon's tiara in the process. All the while, Wonder Woman Kills Mera cameras are trained on the two as their epic battle rages on. Wonder Woman also kills Decay a second time during the same reanimator storyline as entry 15 on this list.

She's one of the dead villains resurrected as a virtual clone by Dr. Lazarus' son, Kris. Wonder Woman Kills Mera, she stays dead this time—as long as the pieces of her body are never reunited that is Only one issue later, Wonder Woman is faced once again with a formidable foe. Luckily for the rest of the gods and goddesses, she succeeds. Even as Deimos has her in his clutches, she manages to break free using the weapons gifted to her by the gods.

As she did when killing the demon Grendel, Wonder Woman justifies her actions here as being for the greater good. Thus that the world might live—Deimos must die! That's what you get when you try to get a-head in life Insert rimshot here. Writer Greg Rucka really liked seeing Wonder Woman kill off a bunch of demons and monsters, Wonder Woman Kills Mera. Briareos has god-like immortality and a bunch of extra hands and heads that make defeating him extra difficult.

But Wonder Woman has something that he does not: the head of her last kill, Medusa. After the Greek and Roman pantheons had merged, along with their respective gods and goddesses, the Goddess Diana of the hunt resisted—preferring her independence over unity. While she was in the process of doing so, Wonder Woman showed up with Trevor Barnes, who were both seeking answers to what exactly was going on.

Comics, right? Naturally, when Wonder Woman figured out what other-Diana had done, she went into one of her Amazonian rages, and the two proceeded to beat the living crap out of each other. Despite not having much of her power or weapons, Wonder Woman was able to use her own bracelets which Diana was wearing to weaken her opponent and defeat her. Although she had only meant to make her yield, after Wonder Woman threw Diana into a statue of Zeus, she was crushed to death underneath.

Asquith Randolph, better known as The White Magician, was a powerful sorcerer who consistently found himself at odds with Wonder Woman. He allied himself with the mob, blew up a space station, and kidnapped Vanessa Kapatelis, but she always found a way to foil his plans.

He sucked the life force out of two women in order to become a demon of immense power that was capable of defeating Artemis. Diana came to her aid, Wonder Woman Kills Mera she was able to smash him into oblivion with the power of the Gauntlet of Atlas, causing the sorcery that made him into a demon to collapse and incinerate him on the spot.

She was gifted with Bonnie Somerville Short Hair power by the gods, and with that comes great responsibility. She grabs a spear and impales both Ares and the First Born with it. With that single act, she then takes up the helm as God of War, saving the world and the Olympian gods from certain death.

She could have easily killed the First Born as well, but spares him when Hell comes to take Ares soul away. Case in point: during Year 3 of the " Gods Among Us" storyline.

Wonder Woman Kills Mera and Batman are facing off against each other with their respective allies. Ugh, no thank you. While she and Aquaman had intended to marry and merge their two ancient worlds together, conspirators on both sides made sure that would never happen.

In fact, they made sure that both sides would think the other Love Horny trying to destroy them, making war an inevitability.

Mera, unfortunately, becomes a casualty of war after both the Amazonians and Atlanteans are attacked on Themyscira. After Wonder Woman leads her people to the British Isles to start over again, Mera follows and attacks her.

Of course, it's all really Barry Allen's faultso Diana gets a pass here. When it comes to Maxwell Lord, however, there was a lot of controversy over her decision to end his life. Lord was controlling Superman's mind in order to prove a point about how deadly superheroes actually are. He made Supes think that Doomsday was killing Lois and that Wonder Woman was actually Doomsday, so that the Man of Steel would eliminate Diana and other superheroes too, undoubtedly.

But Diana couldn't let that happen, so she did what she had to—lassoed the hell out of Lord and made him tell her how to stop the rampaging Superman.

Death was the only answer, and she delivered it swiftly and with no mercy, shocking even Superman. While you can argue that it was the only way, the writers surely could have come up with some sort of crazy scheme to make it so that Wonder Woman didn't need to kill him at all. In doing so, she Teen Cousin Sex proved his point that superheroes will kill, which makes you wonder if there wasn't a bit of subtle mind control going on there, too.

The Legion of Super-villains change history and raise Superman and Batman as their own children, making them dictators of the world. So she stabs him in the Wonder Woman Kills Mera with her sword, killing him. Unfortunately for her, this makes the Man of Steel go mad with vengeance, and he later kills her with her own lasso. Sound off with any other deaths you're aware of in the comments! Wonder Woman arrives in theaters on June 2nd, Aside from writing, she's also an avid photographer, belly dancer, and pizzaholic.

Pugs steal her heart on a regular basis and Harry Potter is her 1 fandom. By Liana Minassian Published May 12, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists Comics News wonder woman.

Wonder Woman Kills Mera

Wonder Woman Kills Mera

Her tools and weapons were all forged by gods and goddesses, rendering them and her practically indestructible.

Wonder Woman Kills Mera

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Wonder Woman Kills Mera

Wonder Woman Kills Mera

Wonder Woman Kills Mera

Wonder Woman vs Queen Mera | Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox - YouTube.

After becoming the Queen of Atlantis, the throne garnered Mera authority over her kingdom. With this level of humongous backup, Mera can take Wonder Woman down without even having to face her one-on-one. Now that DC and Marvel are clamoring for much stronger woman to be represented in media, the companies are pushing for newer superheroes to get the spotlight. In this way, Mera would be the stronger superhero of these two, at least for a little while. In an episode of Justice League , Wonder Woman did battle with Aquaman, where the former outclassed him in the fight on land, but would be outmatched completely when Aquaman forced her underwater with him. You have to believe the same would happen if Mera battled Wonder Woman.