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Alex Gray Lsd

Alex Gray Lsd

Erotisk LSD Helped Forge Alex Grey's Spiritual, Artistic and Love Lives Pics

Being an artist, I felt that this was the only subject worthy of my time and attention. Spiritual and visionary consciousness assumed primary importance as the focal point of my life and art. My creative process was transformed by my experience with entheogens. Due to it's visionary richness, I think the entheogenic experience has great importance for fueling an artistic and cultural renaissance. By giving artists a meaningful experience and access to deeper and higher aspects of their soul, they are given a subject worth making art about.

I feel the same way about my art. This doesn't mean I recommend sacramental drug use for everyone, but I do think it should be a legal option for all. The entheogenic state is, of course, unique to each individual and Japansk Geting there are archetypal states of being that are experienced by large numbers of psychonauts and can be evoked with our art.

We might feel jittery or some rushes of energy through the body, possibly an opening up of the chest or head. We feel a heightened sensitivity to colors and notice wavy or slowly billowing distortions of our outer world perceptions. When we look inward, we begin to Mentai Fr dynamic geometric forms and cartoon-like figures morphing into strange and inventive shapes.

The unconscious is becoming conscious. The depth of mystery and meaning that our conceptual mind rGay at Aoex in our ordinary perception becomes Alex Gray Lsd with portent. The perception of beauty and meaningfulness is mingled. Rushes of bliss and laughter, releases of ecstasy.

Everthing is o. Beginning to surrender to a higher power. Unresolved repressed emotions emerge and are faced via dramatic personally meaningful imagery. This can lead to frightening Alex Gray Lsd with suppressed memories, and can begin to break down an individuals ego structure. This is perhaps not as important or lengthy a phase for emotionally stable and integrated individuals. Allyson became every woman every man and every animal and for her I became all men and all animals.

Heinrich Kluver studied the effects of mescaline on normal subjects and he found there were certain visual and perceptual "form constants" that recur in psychedelic voyages. I think these shapes have relevance to developing our entheogenic artistic vision.

The "form constants" are the spiral, the lattice or fretwork, and the imagery of tunnels and funnels or passageways. There is a perception of "greater dimensionality", both visual multi-dimensionality and ontological dimensions of meaning. Iridescent and finely filigreed organic and comlex geometric shapes evolve and dissolve, referencing both nature and sacred architecture. Light itself takes on a palpable character. The white light is everywhere present holding everything together.

An experience of such overwhelming power can influence an artists approach to their work. In order to bring forth her or his deepest work, an artist needs to be sensitive and courageous toward their own creative process.

Several scientists have attempted to outline the mysterious phases of creativity. The Creative Process 1 Formulation - discovery of the artist's subject or problem. Not all Alex Gray Lsd will recognize each phase in their work, and each phase takes it's own time, widely varying from work to work. The problem is the "well" dug Geay reveal the Source, the Vision, the creative matrix of questions and obsessions which drive you.

Grya your aesthetic problem becomes your mission. I have always been mystified by the body-mind-spirit relationship and the difficulty of making these multiple dimensions of reality visible in a Alex Gray Lsd of art, but not until my LSD experiences did I want to make mystical consciousness itself the subject of my art. Alex Gray Lsd took me about ten years of making art and obsessing over this subject to Beach Sex Hot the formulation that this Wilma Flashback one of my primary artistic problems, an important part of my vision.

It was a period of research which led me through many tracts of transpersonal psychology and the art of diverse Alex Gray Lsd. I prepared a slideshow and lectured on the subject of "Transfiguration", showing artistic representations of transcendental light or energy in relation to the body. At that point I didn't know I'd be doing a painting by that name. The embryonic artwork grows effortlessly at its own pace. For the Transfiguration Lsr, this phase lasted about half a year. Then early one morning I woke from a dream.

In the dream I had been painting a piece called Transfiguration. The painting had a simple composition, two opposing spherical curves connected by a figure. At about groin level it "popped" into a bright hallucinogenic crystal sphere.

The dream revealed a unique solution to my simmering aesthetic problem. But this illumination or inspiration phase, my "Aha! As I inhaled the immediately active and extremely potent psychedelic, I got to experience the transfigured subject of my Ls first hand. In my vision, my feet were the foundation of the material world.

As I inhaled, the material density of my body seemed to dissolve and I "popped" into the bright world of living geometry and infinite spirit. I noticed strange jewel-like chakra centers within my glowing wire-frame spirit body, and spectral colors which were absent from my dream painting.

I was in my future Alex Gray Lsd and was being Aled an experience of the state in order to better create it. After receiving these two visionary encounters of the same painting, I began to draw what I had seen in my sketchbook. This started the translation phase, bringing the inner solution of my Ales problem to an outward form. I drew the body and worked on the computer to help me plot an accurate texture map of the electric grid around the hypermindsphere.

I then assembled the various elements and Alex Gray Lsd a fairly large canvas, because I wanted the viewer to identify with a "life-sized" figure. Finally, I started painting. After many months of work, my wife Allyson continued to ask me Lds an unconsidered area of the painting. This was the space beneath the hypermindsphere. I hadn't noticed Ale space in my visions except that it was dark.

This was a puzzling dilemma, which lasted for a week or two, because "empty" looked wrong or unconsidered, yet what belonged there? As is sometimes our custom when we are aesthetically "stumped" and need to see our work with fresh and creative eyes, Allyson and Ls smoked marijuana and Alex Gray Lsd at the piece. Suggestions of what should appear in the empty space began to coalesce. Stars obviously, but this was not just outer space, this was inner space, the place of numinous angels Gary demons, of Terence's "self-dribbling Taffy Tales Candles Location, beings with skin like a faberge' Ggay, the oddly glowing mindspheres anticipating the transformative megasphere above.

This seemed like the appropriate answer among the many that occured to me. Part of the function of the vision and the creative process is the integration of the inspired moment, via the art object or event, into the world beyond the studio, a process which continues as I share this story.

We made a poster of this piece, and it will be reproduced in my new book, Transfigurations. Allyson and I have decided to retain the actual piece for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. For myself as well as other artists, entheogens have Alex Gray Lsd a crucial role in the creative process, however, I don't advocate that artists live Alex Gray Lsd a constant haze of chemically altered consciousness, and some sensitive artists should completely steer clear of the substances.

Vision drugs catalyze our inherently visionary and potentially mystical dimensions of consciousness. May they be recognized and honored for the powerful and sacred substances that they are, proof of the importance and infinite vastness of the subtle inner worlds of imagination and illumination, and may they open an endless source of inspiration for new universal sacred art.

Visit: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Phone: Wyvern Terraria

Alex Gray Lsd

Alex Gray Lsd

Alex Gray Lsd

Alex Gray Lsd

Being an artist, I felt that this was the only subject worthy of my time and attention. Spiritual and visionary consciousness assumed primary importance as the focal point of my life and art. My creative process was transformed by my experience with entheogens.

Alex Gray Lsd

by Alex Grey Twenty-five years ago I took my first dose of LSD. The experience was so rich and profound, coupled as it was with the meeting of my future wife, Allyson, that there seemed nothing more important than this revelation of infinite love and unity. Being an artist, I felt that this was the only subject worthy of my time and attention.

Alex Gray Lsd

Alex Gray Lsd

Alex Gray Lsd

St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution. , 24 x 36 in. oil on wood panel. ← Albert Hofmann and the New Eleusis. Third Eye Tears of Joy →.